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June 7, 2012

When Zombies Attack

When Zombies Attack

It appears, if you believe media hype and sensationalism, that zombie attacks have been increasing in frequency of late.  Since writing my last post, Dawn of the Zombie Apocalypse, more "zombie attacks" have taken place or have been reported in online media.

This is the ploy used in the latest news cycle by media to sensationalize stories in order to sell more papers or get more web traffic to their online pages, such as the incident in Scott, Louisiana, of a man who bit off a chunk of his friend's face, hardly a zombie attack if you ask me, nevertheless, it appears that when zombies attack, it makes headlines.

Then there's the Florida junkie that threatened to eat Boston Market employees and was arrested for causing a disturbance, but things didn't stop there as the drugged up scumbag threatened to bite and eat police officers and was consequently placed into a Hannibal Lecter style bite mask. Of course the media dubs this as a "copycat zombie attack" although it is just coincidental.

Then there's the psycho who bit a shop owner and police after being caught stealing a wig, but in my opinion, this is no zombie attack.  More like a freaking gorilla attack if you ask me.

There's no shortage of incidents involving attacks where victims were bitten, because it's common for animals to bite.  Biting is not what makes someone a zombie, because everyone knows, zombies eat flesh, or more accurately, BRAINS, lol.

Take note now of the Chinese Cannibal Monster, a convicted murderer released from incarceration in 1997 now charged for the murders of 11 men, who not only killed, dismembered and cannibalized them, but fed human flesh to his dogs and sold human flesh to unsuspecting consumers as ostrich meat.

With all of this crazy shit going on lately, it's no doubt one could seriously believe that we are seeing the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, thanks in part due to irresponsible media sensationalism.

June 3, 2012

Dawn Of The Zombie Apocalypse

Dawn Of The Zombie Apocalypse

Are We Seeing The Zombie Apocalypse Emerge?

Zombie Apocalypse

First there were the myriad of successful zombie horror movies, then came AMC's epic series The Walking Dead and although these are all based in fiction, it coincidentally seems that zombies are ironically becoming a reality if you have seen all the various headlines in the past week.

  For many years, decades even, those in the survivalist groups and involved in emergency disaster preparedness have commonly used the metaphor "zombies" to refer to those who are not only ignorant of skills necessary to survive, but of those who are easily manipulated by political and/or governmental institutions and consequently rely upon such entities to take care of them during time of crisis or emergency.

 In the gun enthusiasts communities, there is a common metaphor used, that new gun purchases are for "when the zombies come", because when shit hits the fan, it will be such zombies that one would need to defend themselves against.

It was not too long ago that even the CDC, Centers for Disease Control issued a warning for the Zombie Apocalypse to raise public awareness on preparations for emergency situations and even has its own Zombie Task Force.

Jump ahead to present day and it seems that the zombie apocalypse is beginning to become a reality.

   First there was Luke Rocco Magnotta, a Canadian gay prostitute turned gay porn star, who murdered his neighbor, dismembered him, ate body parts, raped the corpse and then mailed body parts to members of the Canadian government.  There is a worldwide manhunt for Luke Rocco Magnotta and it is believed that he is in France disguised as a woman.

   Then there was also the case of the Miami freeway zombie, Rudy Eugene, who was naked and eating the face of a homeless man on the on ramp of a Miami highway, all of which was caught on tape by a nearby surveillance camera and has gone viral on the internet.  When a police officer arrived, the zombie continued to eat flesh as the officer commanded him to stop.  When the zombie ignored the warning, the officer fired shots, however, the zombie just looked up, growled at the officer and then turned back to continue eating the flesh of his victim.  The officer then emptied his magazine into the zombie, because we all know that zombies are tough son of a bitches to kill and you need to shoot zombies in the head to kill them.

 As if these accounts were not enough to convince you of the coming zombie apocalypse, add to the mix the case of Alexander Kinyua, a Kenyan college student in Maryland who killed his roommate and then ate his brain and heart.

While this next incident does not involve cannibalism, or flesh eating zombies, the case of Wayne Carter of Hackensack, New Jersey, seems to be related to zombies in that he ripped out his own intestines and threw them at the police who were trying to subdue him after he stabbed himself.  Only a zombie could still stand after ripping out their own intestines, right/

There's also Mao Sugiyama, a Tokyo chef who back in April severed off his own testicles, cooked them and served them as dinner to five lucky guests of his restaurant and there's also the incident in Sweden, of an unnamed man who cut off his wife's lips and ate them.

With all of these incidents taking place in a relatively short time, one may think the zombie apocalypse is starting, especially since zombies are being used for disaster training.  What exactly are they preparing for if not a zombie attack?

I also talk about the Zombie Apocalypse on YouTube: