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May 27, 2013

Indoor Plants for Positive Energy & Clean Air

House Plants For Clean Air & Positive Energy

Awhile back I posted about my Tillandsia Air Plants, and since I recently got another one, in addition to several other plants, I decided to write about indoor plants and share with you some photos of my little collection of indoor plants, which I do hope to grow as there are several more plants I want to have, and since I'm nearly out of sunny space in my home, I need to acquire plants better suited for shade although I am supplementing available natural light with artificial light.

Plants inside the home provide not only color, & decor, but promote the flow of positive energy as well as having the benefit of providing clean air.    All plants provide oxygen, however, some remove toxins from the air, and some even clean the air, removing carbon dioxide, dust particles, etc and then releasing fresh, clean oxygen.    Plants are also an excellent form of the elements wood, water & earth in Feng Shui.

This is my latest Tillandsia Air Plant acquisition, however, at this time I have not been able to positively identify it, but think it is most likely to be Capitata Red.

Red Tillandsia Air Plant

Since I mentioned Feng Shui in this post, perhaps I should add that my living room is Japanese in style and decor, with some Chinese in there as well.  The overall design and theme of my living room is that of Washitzu, a traditional Japanese room.   Thinking of Feng Shui, or the Japanese version, Fusui, It's only natural that I would have some Lucky Bamboo in my home, which isn't even Bamboo at all, but one of several variations of Dracaena plants.

The Lucky Bamboo isn't the only "Feng Shui" plant in my house, as I also have a Pachira Aquatica, better known as the "Money Tree", which is said to bring good fortune and wealth when placed in the wealth baqua of the home.

  My interest in this particular tree however, was the thought of it as a candidate for Bonsai since I am interested in Bonsai, however, Bonsai trees are very expensive, so I thought about experimenting and attempting to grow and train trees on my own for creating Bonsai, however, have changed my mind as I have no interest in screwing it up and losing a lovely tree, so, my Money Tree is one of several trees I own, which was purely by accident because some plants I bought not knowing that they grow into full size trees.

Hopefully some day I can afford to buy myself some really nice Bonsai trees.  I'm hoping for a Bonsai Cherry Blossom.

Since I'm already started on trees, I also have a Dracaena Marginata Magenta, aka Madagascar Dragon Tree, as well as an Areca Palm, a Dwarf Schefflera, better known as the "Mini Umbrella Tree" even though it can reach 5 to 6 feet indoors if allowed to, but is still smaller than the standard "Umbrella Tree", and I also have a Coffee Arabica Plant, which at the time of purchase, had no idea that it could become a 6 to 10 foot tree.   Here's the photos of my trees, although they're still tiny trees.

Dracaena Marginata Magenta Areca Palm
Dwarf Schleffera, aka Mini Umbrella Tree Coffee Aribica

I also have Succulents.   My initial interest in these was for miniature gardens, or what some call "Fairy Gardens", but frankly, I just don't have the money to spend on accessories, etc to build a tiny little village with houses, fences and decorations, etc on top of whatever the plants themselves cost, so I skipped doing the mini gardens and decided to not seek out the diminutive succulents for this purpose.

At the greenhouse where I purchased all my trees, I came across a Rhipsalis Heteroclada, and I love this plant, which is not only a Succulent, but also in the Cacti family as well..  All Cactus are Succulents, but not all Succulents are Cactus...  As soon as I got home with m strange and weird plant, the Rhipsalis, I went to Google and began researching it, and learned that this plant can become MASSIVE, and that I can create numerous additional plants via propagation of cuttings, so, I am very happy about that, because many people collect these as well as other Succulents, so, having such a large plant enables me to trade cuttings for different varieties, and besides, I really LOVE this plant, and it was the first Succulent for me.

Rhipsalis Heteroclada
Anyone interested in trading cuttings?  I'd love to have fire sticks, properly known as Euphorbia Tirucalli, and it's high on my list of plants to get, so, if you have one and would like to trade for some of my Rhipsallis cuttings, let me know. :)  Of course I'd trade for other Rhipsalis, other succulents, etc, etc.
One species of Succulent plant I really wanted was a Haworthia Attenuata, which looks like a prehistoric and diminutive, zebra striped and spiky Aloe, and yes, Aloe is a Succulent.    I also wanted very badly what is called Lithops, better known as "Living Stones" because they look like rocks until they bloom and a flower grows from the center, however, my seven year old daughter calls them the "Butt Plant" because she says they look like "little butts"...meaning asses, not cigarette butts, not that I needed to tell you that, but you never know.. I've had more than a fair share of illiterate readers here before, so.....

So.. one day I was in CVS and discovered that they were selling little Succulent plants, however, the selection was poor, and they were in terrible condition, mostly dead,  but I did however buy one since they were only $2. however, have no idea what it is, and am not too interested in this one... BUT, when I crossed the street and went into Walgreens, I found that they too were selling them, but as mini greenhouses featuring a six pack of little succulents in a little clear plastic greenhouse shaped container, and lo and behold, there in one of the packages was a Haworthia Attenuata that I desired, and in another package, a pair of Lithops...  So, I opened up both packages, and made sure the package I bought had both of these. :)

In addition to the Haworthia, and the Lithops, the only other of these Succulents I'm able to identify is the one I believe to be a Crassula Ovata variety, but at this time am not certain which variation.  There was one of the Echeveria variations, but I squashed it by accident and it's not in this photo.  I'm hoping that the dropped leaves I saved will root and that I can generate more Succulents via propagation.

I don't know what kind of Lithops I have, but there's hundreds of varieties out there, and I can't wait to find more, although trying to shop for Lithops online is a pain in the ass due to all the shady seed sellers who make it difficult to find actual plants because of all the goddamn seeds spam listed on ePig.

I did want to write about several plants I want to have, most of them unusual, weird and odd, but suppose that can wait for another day.

Oh, and since I mentioned my living room being Japanese, & Chinese, perhaps some day I will post some photos of my Washitzu, and some of my Japanese and Chinese art.