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February 9, 2013

Blizzard of 2013

Over Dramatic Media Hyped and Sensationalized The Blizzard of 2013

I imagine people in places such as Russia, Finland, Alaska, perhaps even Canada are laughing at North Eastern media and local officials for making such a big deal over what they call The Blizzard of 2013.

Certainly the North Eastern states NY, NJ, CT, RI, MA, NH & ME got alot of snow, ranging from 12" up to 30" along with near hurricane winds of 75+mph in some areas, but come on, this is pretty insignificant considering we have been through this so many times, and when you consider that the aforementioned regions deal with this sort of thing every winter, it is easy to see that the media over sensationalized and over hyped this little snow storm.

Correct that it is a Blizzard in technical, meteorological terms, but still, the media made it sound much worse than it actually turned out to be, however, due to their over hype of this little snow storm, various state officials and agencies took extreme measures to mitigate potential impact, such as banning drivers to be on the roads after 4pm in the State of Massachusetts, and shutting down the states public transit system.

Had they not done so, its certain there would of been severe complications, such as stranded motorists stuck on the highways, stranded trains and buses, etc, several accidents and so on, so, over sensationalizing in this case wasn't a bad thing and I think the state officials did the right thing, because in the end, it makes clean up that much easier, and faster.

Unlike the Blizzard of 78, it wont take 10 days to dig everyone out, because for the most part, the roads are already cleared thanks to people not driving like they usually do during storms.   Had we not been threatened with arrest and or fines up to $500 for driving against the Governor's edict, perhaps people would have ignored this little snow storm and gone on with their normal activities, then get stranded, stuck, or even smash into each other.  

Personally, I HATE SNOW, because it makes everything a pain in the ass, but imagine living somewhere like Russia, Finland, Northern Canada, or even Alaska and have to deal with these amounts of snow accumulation on a daily basis, every winter.  I bet the people there are calling North East Americans, "Big Pussies".

I ventured out briefly last night to take my daughter out sledding in the freshly falling snow and took a couple of photos to share.

Snow Plows Ready and Waiting on the Overpass Above Massachusetts' Route 95/128, Endicott St, Danvers, MA Shortly Before Governor Deval Patricks Edict to Not Be on The Roads After 4pm, at the Start of Blizzard of 2013
Snow Plows Ready and Waiting on the Overpass Above Massachusetts' Route 95/128, Endicott St, Danvers, MA Shortly Before Governor Deval Patricks Edict to Not Be on The Roads After 4pm, at the Start of Blizzard of 2013

Endicott Street, Danvers, Massachusetts at 7:15pm on Friday, February 8, is Unusually Deserted
Endicott Street, Danvers, Massachusetts at 7:15pm on Friday, February 8, is Unusually Deserted

Surely the photos are mundane.  That's because this little snow storm was nothing significant at all.  Nothing but over dramatic media, over reaction and sensationalism.

January 19, 2013

Intentionally Misleading and Deceptive Reporting by Mainstream Media

Intentionally Misleading and Deceptive Reporting by Mainstream Media in Reports of Gun Show Accidents on Gun Appreciation Day.

In what can only be described as bad timing, there were unfortunate accidents involving discharged firearms at three gun shows today which also happens to be Gun Appreciation Day.   The mainstream media is intentionally misleading and deceptive in their reporting of the accidental discharge in North Carolina's Dixie Gun and Knife Show in Raleigh.

Reuters, Associated Press and the conglomerate of reckless media known collectively as mainstream media are reporting that an attendee of the show, Gary Wilson, accidentally discharged his own firearm, a shotgun, while removing it from its case for a safety inspection, however, this is outright false and nothing more than a fabricate lie created to fit the agenda of the anti gun left, because the truth and facts are, that it was a POLICE OFFICER entrusted with safety checks of firearms at the entrance who accidentally discharged the firearm, and it was NOT a shotgun, as reported by Ryan Reynolds, an attendee who was there when it happened..

As the debate for gun control wages on, the anti gun liberal filth tend to believe that police are "trained" and are the only ones who should have guns, so, naturally the liberal mouthpieces of mainstream media would distort facts and outright lie, because it goes against their anti-gun agenda..

In one of the other accidental discharges at a different gun show, an unnamed, unknown person sold a loaded handgun to a dealer and then walked away as the dealer racked the slide to inspect it. One, loaded weapons are not permitted inside gun shows, so, this unknown, unnamed person obviously bypassed security by not declaring his or her possession of a firearm, and in my opinion, probably had the malicious intent to cause an accidental discharge for the purpose of sabotaging the gun show in order to further the liberal anti-gun agenda.  Why would one walk away after attempting to sell a weapon?

December 30, 2012

Mainstream Media Silent On San Antonio Theater Shooting

Mainstream Media Silent On San Antonio Theater Shooting

On December 17, 2012, days after the shooting massacre in Newtown, CT, a lone gunman intent on a shooting spree ended with the suspect wounding two at the Santikos Mayan Palace 14 movie theater  before being shot by an off-duty deputy. (source)

The moment news reporting of the Sandy Hook shootings began, the demands for gun bans, gun confiscations and more restrictive gun control laws began to sweep the nation like wildfire, all without any educated thought, solely out of emotion over the loss of innocent children. 

 It is of no surprise whatsoever that scum like Piers Morgan, Dianne Feinstein and Mayor Bloomberg were ejaculating with joy over the news of this horrific event, because it was the answer to their prayers to further their anti-gun agenda. 

To counter the uneducated modern liberals on their bogus claims, pro second amendment and pro gun groups argued that gun free zones like schools & movie theaters are targets of those bent on shooting sprees because the criminals know that their potential victims are unarmed.  They continued to argue that had a teacher been armed at any of the past school shootings, or a movie goer armed during the Aurora, Colorado shooting, that lives would have been saved had just one armed person been able to take out the shooter, and the truth is, they are 100% right.

As right as the pro gun spokespersons are, the lefts mouthpieces just continued to ignore truth, fact & logic, and instead resorted to character assassinations, personal attacks, lies and distortion of statistics, intentionally twisting the data to conform to their own ideology.   Take Piers Morgan for example, a scumbag from Britain, a police state with the world's strictest gun laws where the majority of guns are essentially banned and private firearms ownership is excessively prohibitive.  While this anti American, fifth columnist scum Piers Morgan jizzed with joy over Sandy Hook, he assaulted America with his anti-gun trash, boasting of his beloved UK and how gun homicides are among the lowest in the world, thanks to anti-gun legislation.

The truth of the matter though, is that Britain is the most violent nation in the world, with the HIGHEST NUMBER OF VIOLENT CRIMES, so, regardless that they have among the lowest of gun related deaths, it is IRRELEVANT, because the TOOL USED is not the problem.  This simply proves that without guns, criminals will just use another TOOL, and as a result, because of gun control, people are unable to defend themselves, and violent crime goes UP, just like it did in Australia, Austria and anywhere else.

On the contrary, in Switzerland, where private gun ownership is the highest in the world, and Kennesaw, Georgia, where it's required that all households maintain a firearm, violent crime of any kind is virtually non existent.

So, with the mainstream media in the government's pocket, and supportive of anti-gun legislation, there was, with only a couple exceptions, no reporting whatsoever of the shooting in San Antonio, because it would show to the American people, and the world, that the pro gun movement are CORRECT, and the powers that be do not want that to happen. 

Looking in Google News results, there appears to only be FOUR reports of the incident.  The mainstream media is tight lipped about this, and with good reason, because it puts a very big hole in the lefts anti-gun argument, and proves once again that the pro gun, pro second amendment groups are RIGHT.