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September 27, 2012

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Mobile Broadband Internet Service

Mobile Broadband Internet Service From Virgin Mobile Prepaid Wireless Internet

Due to temporarily living in a hotel because I am homeless, I was unable to obtain my own cable or DSL internet service, so, fortunately the hotel has free wifi that I could connect to via my iPod Touch, and now my laptop, however, the hotel's internet service which comes from Hughes Net via satellite is awful because it is extremely slow and unreliable, with numerous outages and extended downtime.

Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go U600 3G / 4G USB Stick
Thank God there's a solution, and that's via Virgin Mobile Prepaid Broadband Internet using Virgin Mobile's Broadband2Go service with their U600 3G/4G USB Stick I purchased from Amazon.  Virgin Mobile's Broadband2Go Wireless Mobile Internet is a prepaid, no contract plan that offers 2gb a month on their 3G network for $35, or $55 for 5gb a month data.  Both of these plans include unlimited data via Sprint's 4G network, so, if you're located in any of the zone's within their 4g coverage area, then all you'll really need is the $35 plan, which is what I got, using a Virgin Mobile Top Up Card, however, you may choose to top up monthly via a credit card, or conveniently via PayPal.

Installation of the Franklin Wireless Modem software and drivers of the U600 USB Stick was quick and easy as the device is plug and play.  Within minutes I was ready to activate and once done, was up and running on Virgin Mobile's Broadband2Go Service using 4G at 8.72MBPS.

The 3G network is slow however, with speeds reaching a MAXIMUM of 230KBPS, and since the device is a dual mode 3G / 4G, it's great that the device includes setup options that enable me to only connect to the 4G network that gives me unlimited fast browsing for surfing the web, watching streaming video and more.

The only problem I have with the U600 3G / 4G USB Stick is that its size blocks the vacant USB port adjacent to the USB port it occupies, rendering that empty port unavailable for use for other purposes.  Although the USB device does move, it only does so up or down.

The U600 works on both PC and Mac desktops and laptops. I'm very happy about being able to blog again, as well as recording videos and uploading photos again.  I told another resident of the hotel about the Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go service and was very surprised that she didn't know about it, which made me wonder about how many others don't know about wireless mobile internet access for desktops and laptops, so, thought it was a good idea to write about it here to share with others, as well as earn a small commission from

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