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May 25, 2013

Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go SUCKS

Virgin Mobile Prepaid Internet Broadband2Go is AWFUL.

Awhile back I wrote about Virgin Mobile's Broadband2Go service, and while at the time my opinion on their mobile broadband service was favorable, it seems of late that Virgin Mobile has gone down hill as their service has gone to complete crap and is pretty much useless and in my opinion, is a waste of money.

Since the beginning of April 2013, Virgin Mobile's Broadband2Go is extremely slow on both 4G and 3G, but their 4G WiMax is even slower than their 3G CDMA & EVDO which repeatedly disconnects and goes dormant, rendering the service completely useless.

I have not been able to connect to 4G in over a month and a half now and signal strength is never more than 2 orange bars, and when I am able to connect to 3G I am repeatedly disconnected and dealing with dormancy as it goes back and forth between EVDO & CDMA.

This speed test is via 3G while connected via EVDO REV A.  When trying to test via CDMA 1X, I can't even get results because it's in my opinion, ten times SLOWER and the server times out..  It is rare that ANY webpage EVER loads while connected via CDMA 1X

Virgin Mobile Broadband2Go SUCKS and is pretty much useless as I'm unable to watch videos, use apps or anything flash based, nor can I play games or use several functions of several social media.  Their service is terrible and getting answers or problems solved from their customer service is pretty much non-existent.

Funny how Virgin Mobile USA is offering people $100 to switch from T-Mobile, yet T-Mobile is one of the fastest services around for mobile broadband, therefore, one would have to be a complete FOOL to switch from T-Mobile and go with Virgin Mobile, because even now their phone service sucks.

I have been a Virgin Mobile customer for nine years now, but now I can't even have a conversation on my phone because the quality is just so terrible and it's time for me to leave them and go with another provider.