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February 21, 2012

Massive March On The White House By Active Duty Military & Veterans For Ron Paul

Massive March On The White House By Active Duty Military & Veterans For Ron Paul

Author: Asshole Blogger

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- On President's Day, Monday, February 20, there was a massive march on the White House by active duty military & veterans to show their support for Ron Paul, however, perhaps you haven't heard of it, that's because mainstream media intentionally ignored it, clearly showing their bias.

Veterans for Ron Paul: March on the White House.

Veterans for Ron Paul is a grass roots organization of US veterans and active military personnel who support Ron Paul as the next president of the United States, who started their march at the Washington Monument onward to the White House in a military march formation, rotating cadence calls of "President Paul" and "End the Fed".  Arriving at the White House, with an “about face,” veterans and active duty service members turned their backs to the White House and sent a message to the President, Ron Paul is the choice of the troops.

Organizer Adam Kokesh, an Iraq War veteran, bellowed that each second of quiet was for every military suicide since President Obama took office. After eight minutes of saluting, they observed a 21-minute silent prayer, one second for every service member who died abroad during President Obama’s term.

Adam Kokesh said he believes the message sent by the “about face” is anything but unpatriotic. “It’s not about the office, it’s not about the building, it’s not about the White House,” he said. “It is a symbolic repudiation of Barack Obama’s foreign policy.”

One of the marchers held a sign reading “Don’t let anybody make you think that God chose America to be a policeman of the whole world.” The line was paraphrased from remarks by Dr. Martin Luther King regarding the Vietnam War.

The march concluded with Adam Kokesh parading the procession away, complete with color guard, away from the White House, ending with a running charge towards the Washington Monument..

As a former Air Force flight surgeon, Ron Paul is the only former serviceman campaigning for president, therefore, the only one qualified to serve as Commander in Chief of the United States Armed Forces.  Organizer Adam Kokesh says "“It seems very clear to me that those of us who are willing to put our lives on the line to defend this country want a commander in chief who is going to be decisive, who’s going to put America’s security interests first, and who’s only going to send us into harms way with a clear mission,” he said, “Ron Paul is the only candidate that comes close to measuring up to that standard.”

Ron Paul has more support and donors from active duty military and veterans than any other candidate.