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January 7, 2012

International Bankers Behind the War Against Iran

International Bankers Behind the War Against Iran

  It is my personal belief and opinion that the pending and upcoming war against Iran is not about nuclear weapons, but about privately owned banks gaining control of monetary policy and power in the Islamic world.   It is pathetic that the American people can once again be misled into yet another war based on lies.

 As if Iraq war is in distant memory that we the people have long forgotten about how we were told that Saddam had "weapons of mass destruction" only to discover that it was in fact a lie.

 Prior to the US invasion and attack against Iraq, Iraq had a government owned and controlled central bank, its currency commodity backed, which the government was in charge of printing.  Shortly after the murder of Saddam Hussein, a privately owned central bank was instituted with a new currency system based on debt, much like the Federal Reserve Bank.  The new central bank of Iraq is controlled and owned by JP Morgan and Chase.

 As if this in itself isn't enough to convince you, let's also look at Libya.  Prior to the invasion and attack against Libya, Libya too had a government owned and controlled central bank, its currency commodity backed, which the government was in charge of printing.  Once the US funded, equipped and supported Al Queda rebels gained control, a new privately owned and controlled central banking system was set up.   It is important to note also, that prior to the invasion of Libya, Colonel Gaddafi proposed to the North African region, a gold dinar currency and standard for oil pricing in the region, something which is a threat to Western banking profits and the US dollar as a reserve currency.

Now, let's take a look at Iran.  It too has a commodity backed currency system and a government owned and controlled central bank.  Take note that the first of the sanctions against Iran were against banking and doing business with the banks of Iran.  It is important that the reader understand that according to Islamic law, it is illegal to charge interest, thus, all the banks of the Islamic region are interest free, and their business has been booming over the last decade and a half as the international marketplace became more global.  This alone cut the profits of the Western banks whom consequently lobby for, finance and instigate these wars against all nations where they seek to gain control of monetary policy making and power.   This is an attempt at consolidating world monetary power into a few hands, and in the end, he who controls the money supply, controls the world.  It is the goal of these bankers to remove obstacles to their long term goal of establishing a universal currency, where all nations on earth use a single currency, one which they control and profit off of. 

What happens when the USA, Israel and UN Coalition forces attack Iran?  The price of oil skyrockets, which then creates a demand for US dollars since the US dollar is the world's reserve currency.  This entire conflict is over MONETARY POLICY and BANKING.  It is the BANKERS behind all these wars and it always has been.  We're being LIED TO and being MANIPULATED by PROPAGANDA.

January 4, 2012

US Government Issued Proof of the New World Order Conspiracy

US Government Issued Proof of the New World Order Conspiracy

War Department Education Manual EM 216
    Often, it seems, whenever attempting to educate someone on the "New World Order Conspiracy", or more accurately, the United States goal of global governance under a one world government, they automatically assume it to be nonsense and indeed a conspiracy theory.  However, theory it is not, but indeed a conspiracy in fact and reality.   There is overwhelming evidence available to confirm the US plan for global government, and this blog post is to show you just one of them, using a publication, printed by the United States government itself.

The publication is titled American Government Course Three: Part 1, Government Finance and Foreign Policy; Part 2, Rights and Duties of the Citizen (A Self-Teaching Course, Based on " Government in Action", War Department Education Manual EM 216) and was printed by the US War Department in 1944 for the US Armed Forces institute.  At the time of this posting, I only have been able to locate photos of the cover and two of the interior pages, however, the pages I have available do expose some very controversial evidence that proves that the "New World Order" conspiracy is indeed real.

On one of these pages, it discusses establishment of a world union and that the League of Nations did not go far enough as an international authority because it did not take powers away from national governments.  It goes on further to discuss the establishment of The United States of Europe, and, well, remember, this was published in 1944, and here we are today with a European Union.

The next page is an illustration which shows the goals of Federal World Government, some of which are no tarrif walls, no international borders, a universal international currency, a world court and enforcement by an international world army.   Of those just stated, we do have a world court, and via the United Nations, we have what is referred to as coalition forces, so, one could argue that we are near to having a world army, and considering the pending collapse of the Euro and the world's economic climate, it is safe to assume that a universal one world currency is in the works, as is speculated by many.

United States of Europe
Federal World Government