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December 11, 2011

Ron Paul and the Real Tea Party

Ron Paul and the Real Tea Party

by Scott Ledd

Have you ever wondered how the Tea Party was actually born? Was it a secret plot by GOP strategists? A movement designed and orchestrated by the Koch brothers? The brainchild of Karl Rove? WRONG. The origins of the modern Tea Party (before being co-opted by the Establishment) came out of the 2007 presidential campaign of RON PAUL.

When the Tea Party emerged onto the political scene and played a major role in the 2010 election cycle, many people came to believe (erroneously) that the Tea Party was some sort of radical Republican ploy to energize their base and consolidate power. Nothing could be further from the truth. While it is certainly correct that the Establishment Right moved quickly to co-opt this unabashedly populist, independent movement (in the same way that the Establishment Left has moved swiftly to co-opt the originally populist Occupy Wall Street movement), the real truth of how and why the REAL Tea Party was formed has been suppressed...

The TRUTH of the matter is that it was the Anti-Establishment Ron Paul and his supporters who spawned the REAL modern Tea Party on December 16, 2007, on the anniversary of the original Boston Tea Party. Just as the colonists cast the tea into Boston Harbor as a powerful protest against an imperial government that had overstepped its bounds, so too did Ron Paul's supporters reenact that fateful act, but with a modern twist: they also cast out their money into Ron Paul's campaign coffers, raising over $6 Million in just that one single day. The message could not have been any clearer: the People have suffered enough abuse of their inalienable Rights, and they will not stand for more.

And what are just some of the most GLARING abuses of the People's Rights?

--Our 4th Amendment Rights of privacy and against unwarranted searches and seizures have been eviscerated by the PATRIOT ACT

--Our 5th Amendments Rights of due process of law have been gutted with provisions in legislation and via executive order for indefinite detention of American citizens without trial

--Our 10th Amendment Rights have been shredded by agencies such as the TSA, a federal police force now expanding out of the airports and onto local streets

--Our endless, undeclared wars have reduced our national security while completely bankrupting us

--Our money has been destroyed through inflation, due to the private central banking cartel known as the Federal Reserve

--And the list goes on and on....

Flash forward to 2011 and December 16 looms large again. Will you help the REAL Tea Party of Ron Paul reestablish itself as the non-partisan group whose only purpose is the rebirth of Liberty and the restoration of our Republic? Please watch the video linked to in this article-tweet it, post it to facebook, email it out to all you know-and pledge to help Ron Paul and the Real Tea Party RESTORE AMERICA NOW.

--Scott Ledd

Want to learn more about the history of Ron Paul and the Tea Party? This vid may shed some light on the matter.

Scott Ledd is an entrepreneur, adventurer and independent journalist who seeks the path of Truth and follows it wherever it leads. You can read the original and contact him directly at
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