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October 24, 2012

My Makeup Routine

 My Makeup Routine

A few people asked me about which makeup products I like the best or use the most, so, I decided to write this post sharing my usual makeup routine and the makeup products I use.

After showering and shaving, I start off by applying my favorite moisturizer, St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer. . It's very important to take care of your skin, and since makeup can dry out your skin, moisturizing your skin is a MUST.

Hard Candy Sheer Envy Skin Perfecting Primer . After the moisturizer sets, I apply my favorite makeup facial primer, Hard Candy Sheer Envy Skin Perfecting Primer. Using a facial primer is a must and I really love how this primer fills in fine lines and pores, giving my face a soft and smooth finish. My second choice for primer is NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer although I only buy this when I can't get to the stores that carry Hard Candy or I'm low on cash since NYC brand makeup is really cheap and it gets the job done.. .. .. .. .. .
Graftobian HD Crème Foundation Corrector 1/4oz, Soft Orange Blue Neutralizer
Paula Dorf Special CamouflageAfter the primer sets, my face is now ready to begin applying makeup, but first, I start off by covering up facial hair shadow that remains after shaving. I start off this two step process with Graftobian HD Crème Foundation Corrector, Soft Orange Blue Neutralizer since it is inexpensive, comes in 1/4 oz container which lasts a very long time since very little is required. I simply stipple it lightly onto my beard area to cover up any visible bluish silver tint from facial hair follicles.

I then follow up with stippling on my preferred blue neutralizer, Paula Dorf Special Camouflage Blue Neutralizer, which in my opinion is superbly perfect as a beard coverup that perfectly matches and blends in with my natural skin tone, but, due to its cost and its .1 oz size, I use this two step process to make my Paula Dorf Special Camouflage last longer as well as to save money. It comes with yellow concealer, however, I only need the peach colored blue neutralizer and really wish Paula Dorf sold this portion as a single product rather than a duo as it is. My face is now ready for foundation, but because each persons skin tone and color is different, as well as skin type, what I use for foundation will likely be much different than what you need, so I'm not going to cover the various foundation products I use.

Rimmel Bronzer After finishing the foundation, the next makeup product I apply to my face is a bronzer. My favorite bronzer used to be NARS Laguna, but it is too expensive for me, although I do love it and because I can not afford it on a regular basis, I switched to cheaper drug store brands such as Rimmel Natural Bronzer Sun Bronze or Wet & Wild ColorIcon, both of which are very cheap and work just as well as the NARS brand, and also seem to last much longer too. I then apply blush, which I won't get into here because the brands and colors vary and I usually just buy the cheapest ones available in either the drug store, or even at the dollar store. It works good enough.

N.Y.C Translucent Loose Face Powder
I finish my face off with a generous application of N.Y.C Translucent Loose Face Powder which blends everything and gives my face a natural looking and flawless smooth finish. It sets the makeup, making it last all day, as well as reduces shine and prevents the makeup from caking. A word of caution though when using finishing powders, do not apply too much as it will make your face look dry and aged. Now that my face is finished, I complete my makeup with eye liner, eye shadow, mascara and lipstick. I won't cover these products since the ones I use vary to a great extent and I have TONS of these, many of which I still haven't even opened or used. There is no routine when it comes to lipstick nor eye shadow since I often change colors or brand used on any given day. although my favorite color combination tends to be white or light pink on upper lid and dark brown on my lower lid.