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June 7, 2012

Twitter Direct Message Scam Spam

Twitter Direct Message Scam Spam

I just finished up reading my new email as I usually do every morning during my first cup of coffee and got an email from Twitter informing me that I got a direct message from my teenage daughter.   Problem is, she hasn't used her twitter account in over 18 months.   The message was not sent by my daughter, therefore, her account is infected or has been compromised and hacked by a scammer spammer.

The message reads;
rofl...i am laughing so hard at this picture of you someone posted

 Fortunately I am a security conscious and computer/internet tech guru, therefore am aware of such scams and spam, etc and did not click the url redirect link.  These direct messages sent by scammers are automatically generated and posted to you by infected and compromised accounts. Their purpose is to arouse your curiosity so that you will click the link.

This is what happens when people click the links sent by scammer spammers:
  1. Your computer will be infected by malware or spyware immediately if you do not have an anti-virus software installed.
  2. Your Twitter account will be automatically infected by the same virus and it will be sending similar spam direct message to your Twitter followers.
  3. The webpage ends up to look like Twitter's login page (phishing scam) and requires you to key in your username and password, and then your Twitter account will be sending similar spam direct message to your Twitter followers because the scammer has obtained your login details.
  4. The webpage will prompt you to authorize certain app to your Twitter account, and then your Twitter account will be sending similar spam direct message to your Twitter followers.
  5. The webpage will automatically install malicious software on your PC, often claiming to be an antivirus or malware removal program and it gains complete control of your PC and browser.
These are just some examples of the various scams set up by the Twitter direct message scammer spammers.  Below are some examples of common Twitter direct message scam spams sent by these scammer spammers. DO NOT VISIT THE URLS!!!

  • Hi somebody is saying really bad things about you...
  • Hi some person is making nasty things about
  • Hey some person is making terrible rumors about
  • ROFL...I'm laughing so hard at this pic of me my friend uploaded
  • Fastest way to lose weight while removing toxins & boost energy levels
  • lol...OMG I'm laughing so hard at this picture of you someone uploaded
If you discover that your Twitter account is sending out such messages, your Twitter account is infected and you MUST change your password and I recommend that you review any Twitter apps that you authorized access so you can remove any malicious apps.

February 25, 2012

Getting Raped by Scamazon Sellers for Chica Sprout Plush

Getting Raped by Scamazon Sellers for Chica Sprout Plush Stuffed Toy

Chica Sprout Plush Toy
Chica Plush from the PBS Sprout Sunnyside up Show

My five year old daughter is turning six this weekend.  Her favorite show to watch on TV is PBS Sprout Sunnyside Up Show.  She loves Chica.  Yesterday afternoon, she comes running into my office to tell me that for her birthday present, she wants the Chica Plush toy from Sprout.  I decided to look it up to see where it was sold and was shocked at the $49.99 price tag on Amazon.  I decided to look elsewhere and the only other place I found it was on eBay, for $47.99 shipped.

 I decided that the price is just too damn high for a little stuffed animal, and told my daughter that it's just too expensive.  This morning however, considering that I have a $30 Amazon Gift Card that's been sitting unspent for the past several months, I decided to log on to Amazon to purchase the Chica Plush toy for my daughter seeing as it would only cost me an additional $20 from my credit card, but, I was disappointed to find out that the seller RAISED THE PRICE an additional $10 and that it's now $59.99.  These mother fuckers are raping people.  I learned from Sprout's Facebook Page that the Chica Plush toy was available for $14.99 and that these scamming toy resellers on Amazon and eBay bought them all up, causing the item to appear sold out, and then they relisted them at $59.99 up to $69.99 for the Christmas shopping frenzy.

I am pissed about this, because I want to make my daughter happy, and I want her to have the Chica stuffed toy, because she loves Chica, and I love my daughter, but damn, this is just too much money to spend on a little stuffed animal and I am poor.  The damn nerve of these scumbag resellers and their dirty scams.  One of the sellers even uses the name Kings Ransom, which is pretty much a clear indication that he's mocking buyers, flaunting the fact that he's a scammer with excessively high rip off prices.  The damn nerve of these scammers to resell the Chica stuffed toy at such excessively rip off prices.

I also uploaded a video on this topic: Rapists Holding Chica Hostage