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March 20, 2012

Men Are Pigs!

Men Are Pigs

More than likely, you have probably some time in your life heard a woman say the infamous idiom, "Men are pigs". That's because it is true. Certainly not all men are pigs, but, since being a woman my self, I have discovered first hand why it is that so many women feel this way, and, well, it is true that many men are pigs.

Before, as a man, I my self never understood, nor was I ever even aware of the extent of bullshit a beautiful woman has to put up with when out in public.  Certainly I was aware of the many issues a pretty woman encounters out in public, but not the extent and frequency of it, and, well, now I fully understand it all too well, because I my self have to deal with it, and frankly, it is annoying as hell and sometimes can even be frightening and creepy.

As a woman,  I like to look pretty and I love to wear mini skirts and high heels, because that's what I like, however, this is not a friggin open invitation for every classless buffoon in the universe to make comments on how sexy my legs are, nor am I impressed with how fucking cool some asshat thinks he is because he can toot his fucking horn like a retarded mongol, nor do I enjoy the mating calls of neanderthal apes who can whistle.

 While I'm at it, just because I'm wearing a skirt and makeup does not mean I'm looking to "hook up" with any and every clueless creep in town whom would probably screw a goddamn chicken if given the opportunity.   One, I am married, to a woman, two, as if you couldn't guess it, I am, technically, a lesbian, and three, I have a friggin dick, and, well, not only are men pigs, but they're fucking stupid too.   I'm happy that they see me as female and can't tell that I am a transsexual, and I'm also flattered that I am beautiful, but damn is it annoying to put up with such classless rudeness, because it happens every time I go out, and too frequently.