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July 14, 2012

Haunted by Witchcraft

Haunted by Witchcraft:

Demons & Spooks

For fucks sake! My wife's delusions never cease. Matter of fact, they are getting worse and now include visual and auditory hallucinations.  I don't know what to do with her any more.

For those of you that read this blog regularly, you know about my camping trip with my friends Angel Silver Moon and her boyfriend Fapper 666.  Well, Angel Silver Moon is a herbalist, a person who uses herbal remedies for healing purposes, and she is also a follower of Druidism who enjoys pagan lore.   During our camping trip, Angel Silver Moon brought along one of her daggers, after all, who doesn't bring a knife with them for camping.   Anyway, one afternoon hanging out with them at their home around the beginning of this month, my wife was acting like a suck pill, commenting how she wanted to throw her self in front of a car.

Fapper 666 is a home brewer, not because he's an alcoholic or frequent drinker, but because he likes brewing and sees home brewed beers and wines as something to trade for when shit hits the fan.  He just likes making beer and is known for giving his beers and wines away to family and friends, and of course he tastes his brews, drinking casually, however, later that night that we were at his house, he got really stinking drunk and blacked out.   During the blackout, he was laying in the road and picked up by police who brought him to the hospital under the premises that he was "trying to kill himself".

So, here we are today and my wife has been ranting on and on about being haunted, and she is convinced that both Angel Silver Moon & Fapper 666 are behind it, because, according to my wife, they're doing spells on her.   She is convinced of this because of Angel Silver Moon's dagger and her love of herbal remedies, and she's convinced that Fapper 666's laying in the street was to mock her and put her under a demonic spell. She claims to see ghosts, spooks and demons.   She is also convinced that the neighbor behind us, the same one she claimed was an undercover cop, as well as a federal agent, a member of the Mafia, a friend of her former manager at her former job and many other things, is a satanist and that he too is performing rituals and spells to haunt her.  She claims the tree out back is a satanic shrine, because it has decorations on it. It's crazier than this though, as there is more, the gorgeous neighbor downstairs, my wife is convinced that she is a "mind surfer" who invades her mind at night to "read her thoughts" and make her feel things.   A few times this week, usually at night, my wife would be shaking and crying, claiming to be seeing demons and ghosts.  She claims to "smell" her deceased grandmother inside the house, because, according to my wife, during hurricane Irene, when the tree out back fell, her dead grandmother's spirit come out of it, because trees hold souls.   What the fuck?   She wakes up in the middle of the night freaked out, claiming to be having horrific nightmares, because the woman downstairs is putting demons inside her.   It's always something or somebody.. Neighbors, friends, family, people I don't know or never met, people that don't exist.. Always something and always changing, these fucking delusions and hallucinations.  I can no longer keep up with her goddamn stories.

I don't know what to do.  No fucking way I want to be in a homeless shelter with this crazy woman.

July 9, 2012

Oh My God! I Need to Get Away From This Psycho BITCH!

Oh My God! I Need to Get Away From This Psycho BITCH!

I Can't Take Any More of This Fucking Shit!

Shut the Fuck Up!
Oh my god, she never shuts the fuck up. All day and night long I am subject to having to hear her endless bitching, pissing, moaning and complaining, and for fucks sake, I am so sick and tired of her goddamn delusions and their accompanying accusations.  It's non stop and I can't stand it any more, nor do I know how to get rid of the psychotic bitch.

She refuses to seek professional medical treatment for her paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression and other mental health issues, nor does she ever listen to any advice I offer nor anything else I suggest or say, and most important of all, she just does not comprehend the meaning of SHUT THE FUCK UP!

I am so sick of it and feel as if the bitch is bleeding my soul dry, sucking the life out of me.  I am sick and tired of her blaming me for conspiracy theories against her, all involving people I don't even know, or people that have absolutely nothing to do with anything in our life, and even more wacky, people that don't even exist, and I am sick of her hostility and combativeness over imaginary bullshit that isn't even real.... WHAT THE FUCK!  I am sick of being accused of being with the "red & blue people" that are out to get her.

   I swear to god that when the doctors diagnosed her, they should have included that she suffers a severe case of STUPIDITY, because the delusional episodes cause her to be completely clueless and unaware of the ramifications of our current predicament and the situation we're in.   OMFG, what the hell am I gonna do.