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January 10, 2013

Debunking The Emillie Parker With Obama Photo Conspiracy Theory

 This Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory is INSANE

What happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School is tragic, there's no doubt whatsoever about that.  I find it extremely disturbing that there are far too many MORONS on the internet who are perpetuating far too many off the wall and outlandish, wild conspiracy theories regarding the horrific events that unfolded on December 14th, 2012.

What's even sadder about these INSANE conspiracy theories is the fact that more IDIOTS buy into it, because not only are they STUPID, but because they're too GODDAMN LAZY to do their own research to verify and ascertain the validity of what they're being told by some uncredible NUT JOB.  What's even more troublesome with this all is that these IDIOTS share these conspiracy theories on their social media, blogs and elsewhere, making even more DUMBASSES believe this NONSENSE, and then they too make their own videos and blog posts, etc, and next thing you know, we have a gaggle of MORONS, DEGENERATES AND IDIOTS on the internet perpetuating a wild and insane conspiracy theory.

Certainly there's MANY unanswered questions about many things from the Sandy Hook shooting and while there's nothing wrong with doubting the accuracy of mainstream media reporting and having questions because far too much does not make sense or add up, it's another thing entirely to make up extremely outlandish false claims.

One particular conspiracy theory put out all over the web is the claim that Sandy Hook victim Emillie Parker appears in a post shooting photograph with President Barack Obama at the Whitehouse, and even wearing the same red dress she wore in a family photo taken prior to the shooting that was  provided to the media by the Parker family.  

Well, I am compelled to PROVE once and for all, that their claims are FALSE, and show the world just how DAMN STUPID these conspiratards are.

The girl in the Obama photo they claim is Emillie Parker and wearing the same red dress as in the other photo is her SISTER, Madeline Parker who is wearing her deceased sister's dress, or perhaps she even had the same dress, which is a common thing among sisters.  With her in the photo is her other sister, Samantha Parker.

When you confront these IDIOTS about this fact, they go on with things such as .."but they have the same face.. they're identical" and so on...  as if sisters never look alike... GIMME A BREAK!

To prove once and for all what MORONS these STUPID PEOPLE are, I put together these photographs to SHOW them HOW STUPID THEY ARE, because if you look at the photo of the Parker sisters in the Parker Family Christmas card, which was photographed before the shooting, you will see, for FACT, that Emilliie and Madeline DO look alike, and even in this photo, are wearing similar clothing, so, the fact one is wearing the same dress in another photo is not too far fetched.  I labeled everything in order to make it easier for the dumbasses to comprehend.  Clicking the image will show you the full size hi res photo.

If you come across MORONS perpetuating this conspiracy theory, refer them to this post to show them just how STUPID they are.

I'm currently debunking another CRAZY conspiracy theory where the IDIOTS claim that the whole thing was a hoax put on by actors, so, stay tuned.....