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July 19, 2012

Mitt Romney Campaign Committing Unlawful Acts

Mitt Romney Campaign Committing Unlawful Acts

Mitt Romney Campaign Sending Unsolicited Mass Email SPAM in Violation of US Can-Spam Act

Just who the hell does this Mitt Romney SCUMBAG think he is that he can violate the law and send mass unsolicited emails in violation of the law, specifically, the Can-Spam Act.

One, I am NOT a Mitt Romney supporter, matter of fact, I can't stand the scumbag and hope he loses the election.  Two, I am not subscribed as a double opt in, as is required by law, to ANY LIST whatsoever, PERIOD, never mind anything even remotely connected to Mitt Romney.

Here is a screencap of the spam email received today in my PRIVATE inbox, from the Mitt Romney Campaign, via a third party service, who is in the business of email marketing, or in this case, SPAMMING.
Mitt Romney is a SPAMMER
Mitt Romney is a SPAMMER

So, considering that I NEVER used this specific email address to sign up for ANYTHING, EVER, just how did that SCUMBAG Mitt Romney get it.   I'll assume that beecause I sent a letter via that email to New Hampshire Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte and because she is a Romney supporter, I suppose and assume she may have had something to do with it.  It's just an assumption, since there is no other explanation whatsoever. Well, she can go to hell too and I hope she gets voted out of office.

Mitt Romney's campaign has repeatedly and consistently resorted to unlawful activities and all those responsible need to be held accountable.

January 4, 2012

Mitt Romney is a Scumbag

With the Iowa caucus results now finalized, I am vehemently irate over the thought of scumbag Mitt Romney running for president and the very likely possibility that he will win the New Hampshire primary.   Being from Massachusetts and New Hampshire, I can tell you that every single media outlet in the region is behind this fucking scumbag and NONE of them are exposing this swine for his alleged involvement in several scandals with criminal fraud, tax evasion and more.  Every media source in this area supports this fuckwad and gives no attention whatsoever to any of the other candidates.

Scumbag Mitt Romney
Scumbag Mitt Romney only cares about Wall St.
  It pisses me off that none of the Massachusetts or New Hampshire media outlets are talking about how Mitt Romney made hundreds of millions of dollars making people jobless, nor of his many pump and dump stock scams, or of his hypocrisy, nor of his flip flop bullshit lies just to get votes.   Mitt Romney is far from honest, and it is my opinion that he is a SCUMBAG.   Considering his ties to theses two states, it is natural to assume that he has these media outlets and several businesses behind him, because the companies Romney has ties to will ultimately benefit if Romney were to become president, after all, look at the millions of dollars insurance companies made after Romney forced Romney Care down the throats of innocent Massachusetts slaves, insurance companies which Bain Capital had invested in.  The man is a fucking slimeball and is only in the 2012 presidential race to make money and use his position to influence legislation that will make his own companies rich, as well as to support all his Wall Street friends.  Also, consider the fact that Massachusetts is a police state, much in part due to legislation passed when he was governor of Massachusetts.

 Also, consider the fact that Romney supports unconstitutional legislation such as NDAA 2012 and the Patriot Act and is a war mongerer much like the current and previous administrations, and would continue this destructive pattern of militarism and world policing.  He does not care about the American people nor of the US Constitution.  He will only do what benefits him, the bankers and Wall Street.


Some articles exposing Mitt Romney for the scumbag he is.
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Also, do a Google search on Mitt Romney tax evasion as well as Mitt Romney eToys fraud.   Mitt Romney needs to be exposed for what he is.