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June 18, 2012

Teacher Fired for Showing Class 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick Video

Teacher Fired for Showing Class 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick Video

What the hell is wrong with people? Not too long ago I uploaded a video on my YouTube channel expressing my thoughts and opinions on the 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick video. Today someone commented in the comments section of that video about a teacher fired for showing the 1 lunatic 1 icepick video, so, I did a Google search and found the following article in the Edmonton Sun.

Teacher fired after alleged Magnotta murder video shown to class

By Brian Daly ,QMI Agency

MONTREAL – A Montreal school board fired a 29-year-old history teacher Thursday for showing his Grade 10 students the horrific murder clip linked to alleged body-parts killer Luka Magnotta.

Philippe Trahan had been suspended with pay on June 4, hours after he allegedly played the online video, titled 1 Lunatic, 1 Ice Pick, which shows a man being stabbed to death with an ice pick and cut into pieces.

Police said this week that they're investigating the teacher after the clip was played at Cavaliere-De LaSalle high school.

The Marguerite-Bourgeoys school board repeated its criticism of Trahan on Thursday, saying in a statement the murder clip was "as inappropriate as it was offensive."

"The unacceptable nature of the teacher's conduct required an unequivocal response," said school board president Diane Lamarche-Venne.

Some students had complained to officials after the clip was played at the west-end school. But about 50 other teens backed their embattled ex-teacher Thursday, chanting slogans and waving placards outside their high school.

Their signs read, "He's innocent" and, "He shouldn't pay for this." Many wore white shirts to final exams and said Trahan is well liked and made a simple mistake.

"Everyone knew the (Magnotta) story and none of us were affected psychologically," Daniel Salim-Garcia, 16, said outside the school. "We're not little kids ... most of the class was 16, 17."

One upset young woman said the teacher only showed the clip after he was prompted by students.

"Everyone said they wanted to see it, OK?" she said. "I find that it's very unfair for him to have consequences. He's my teacher, I love him."

The case made international headlines after the hands and feet of Magnotta's ex-lover, Jun Lin, were mailed to federal political parties as well as to two Vancouver schools.

Detectives are examining the gory murder video as evidence against Magnotta, a Toronto stripper and porn actor who's currently in Germany awaiting extradition.

Magnotta faces charges including murder and corrupting morals after the 11-minute video was posted to a gore website.

The Edmonton-based owner of the website could also face a morals charge, and experts believe the history teacher could be hit with a similar count.

Section 163 (b) of the Criminal Code makes it a crime to "publicly exhibit ... a disgusting object or an indecent show."

Legal expert Jean-Pierre Rancourt told QMI Agency that police might have difficulty persuading the Crown to file a morals charge against Trahan.

"It would be surprising," the Montreal-area lawyer said. "I'm not saying there haven't been cases in the past but it's nonetheless very rare that someone is charged under this section."

A number of students said Trahan is being unfairly singled out when many people, including students, had already viewed the murder clip.

But 18-year-old Denis Contreras was one of the few who believes Trahan deserved the suspension, though he thinks he should keep his job.

"I don't think it's adequate for people our age to watch such videos because it can have real psychological consequences," Contreras said.

Had this occurred in my own child's class I would have been vehemently irate. I find this very unacceptable. First of all, it's not only morbid and grotesque, but it is very disrespectful to the family and friends of the victim, Jun Lin.  I understand that these kids are teenagers and probably get off watching disgusting things such as 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick, but still, it's inappropriate for this sort of material to be shown in class.  There's no educational value nor any purpose whatsoever to be exposing kids to this kind of disgusting material.

My thoughts on the 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick video:

As an after thought, I find that many visitors to this post, as well as my video, are actually seeking the 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick video itself, which is disturbing, because the video is just so gross... It is disgusting, so, if you're gonna watch it, you better have a strong stomach, because you just might gag and vomit. I do not want to link to 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick due to how nasty it is, considering it may actually be considered obscene, so, instead I will link to Encyclopedia Dramatica's page on Luka Magnotta. Once you're on their page about Luka Magnotta, scroll down to the section titled Necrophaggot and there you will see a link to the 1 Lunatic 1 Icepick video.