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March 12, 2012

Trashy Neighbors

Trashy Neighbors

I'm beginning to think I'm living somewhere in between a nightmare and hell. If you've read my post, Having Neighbors Sucks, then you already know that I've had issues with them, but, things seem to be getting more annoyingly crazy lately and I hate living here.

I haven't had any issues with the jerk downstairs since that last time from the post mentioned, however, I have met his wife's father in the hallway, and while he was a genuinely nice fellow, he is annoying because he just yaps on and on whenever I see him, and I have the feeling that he has a few loose screws.  It's not so much this that bugs me, other than it being annoying listening to his nonsensical yapping, or the fact that he asks too many questions which are really none of his damn business, but the fact that he talks so much about other people, leaving me wondering if he goes around running his mouth as I get the impression that he is a very nosy busybody, since I also saw him digging through my trash, which has left me concerned.  He has also claimed to be a retired police detective, told me that his son in law has warrants for his arrest, and that his son in law is a coke addicted drug dealer.  Meanwhile, I'm thinking "what the fuck".  One, I really can't stand the jerk downstairs after what has happened, and also because it's so damn loud down there at odd hours of the night.  My family is often deprived of sleep due to his yelling, screaming, coughing all the time and slamming shit around.  The wife however, I met her and OH MY GOD is she gorgeous.  I often thought it would be really nice to fuck her, which of course would really piss off my annoying neighbor, lol.  She is just amazing and often when I hear that jerk yelling and screaming, I also hear her crying.  I think he might be beating her, abusing her, but, it's none of my business, and if there's anyone or anything I hate worse than bad neighbors, it's the police, because they're nine times out of ten, complete scumbags, and also, I my self had my share of fighting here in my own house, due to my wife's mental illness and her having psychotic episodes, and no fucking way I'd ever want that prick downstairs to ever call the pigs, so, I would never call them on him since Karma is a bitch.  I hate the fact that my unit has paper thin floors and we can hear almost everything, and I hate knowing they can likely also hear us, which is a concern, because I want my life to be private. I don't want these fucks knowing anything about me.

So, them aside, my wife and I also met the new people that moved into the house next door, and wow, what a bunch of white trash they are. The older woman told my wife that she's a heroin addict, then tells her about her son being a suspect in a burglary, in OUR NEIGHBORHOOD.  Later, we met her son and he turns out to be a neo nazi white supremacist who is also a drug dealer.  He has a giant swastika tattoo on his shoulder and all I could think was "wow, what a real piece of shit you must be".  I can't friggen wait to move the hell away from here and move back to a country like setting, but before I go, I really would like to fuck the girl downstairs, OMFG.

February 19, 2012

Tracy Lynn Betts: Scumbag of the Month

Tracy Lynn Betts: Child Abuser
Tracy Lynn Betts:  Child Abuser
 Tracy Lynn Betts is Asshole Blogger's Scumbag of the Month, and while there's no shortage of scumbags, this disgusting bitch is deserving of much worse than what I write here.  Tracy Betts of Murietta, California is a child abuser, and if there's one thing that sickens and disgusts me the most, it's child abusers.  As a parent, I absolutely abhor child abuse of any kind, and whatever this douchebag's got coming to her isn't nearly enough. 

Perhaps you have already read the recent viral news of a naked 12 year old girl eating from trash cans in Temecula, California, nonetheless, just in case you have not heard about this, here's a snippet from the news of this incident published by The Press Enterprise;

A naked 12-year-old girl seen eating out of trash cans on a Temecula street was being held by her mother in a car while she worked at a nearby elementary school, residents of the neighborhood said Friday, citing Riverside County Sheriff’s deputies.

Tracy Lynn Betts, 40, a teaching assistant at Vail Elementary, was arrested Thursday on suspicion of felony child endangerment after people who spotted the unidentified girl called 911.
Deputies interviewed the girl and learned that her mother works as a teacher’s assistant at the school. A sheriff’s news release stated that Betts had left her daughter in the vehicle about a block from the school.

Betts was arrested at the school at 2:20 p.m. Thursday and booked into the Southwest Detention Center in French Valley about 10 p.m. She was released Friday after posting $15,000 bail, online booking records show..... [Read more]

After reading the aforementioned article, I decided to look at other news of this appalling incident, and I am disgusted with Tracy Lynn Betts and am saddened by the abuse her poor young daughter had to endure at the hands of this beast.  According to the Temecula Patch, this isn't the first incident involving the child.  Back in December, she was reported missing, but shortly after she called and returned home safe.

 So, let's get to the nitty gritty here, according to witnesses who reported the incident to the above mentioned article, Tracy left her daughter in the car, a BMW, while she was working at the nearby elementary school, but decided to leave her daughter naked so that she would not leave.   First off all, what kind of SICK FUCK leaves a 12 year old girl naked and alone.  Didn't this bitch have any concern whatsoever for the safety of her child?  Thank God no child predators come upon the poor girl.  Bad enough that she was naked and alone in the car, but with no food or water, and no blanket to cover up with.  Scumbag isn't a harsh enough word for Tracy Lynn Betts. Perhaps CUNT is more appropriate.  Amazing that the baboon was able to post the $15,000 bail, yet didn't have food available for her daughter.  I was hoping Tracy would suffer in jail while waiting for her court appearance in April, and when the time comes, I hope she is sentenced to the maximum allowed time.

 I wanted to give this scumbag bitch a piece of my mind, so, found Tracy Lynn Betts' Facebook profile, but, am not able to post on her wall nor comment, however, it is public, therefore, it seems that she has at least 2 more daughters, and she's an Obama supporter.  Of course she's an Obama supporter, the sick fucking bitch.
Tracy Lynn Betts
Tracy Lynn Betts: Child Abusers For Obama

I pray for the poor little girl.  NO CHILD should ever be victim to any form of abuse.  I also recorded a video response.  Forgive me for the "language".  Things like this just make me angry.