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January 13, 2013

Christopher Rodia Was NOT Involved in Sandy Hook Shooting!

Breaking Down More Insane Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories

Christopher Rodia was NOT involved in any way with the Sandy Hook shootings and is INNOCENT
The major problem with so many conspiracy theorists is that they disregard FACTS, but also have a severe deficit in comprehension of basic language and terminology.  They also appear to lack knowledge in standard operating procedures of law enforcement.

During the investigation and recording of evidence on scene, an officer called into dispatch the license plate of the vehicle Adam Lanza drove to Sandy Hook that day, Connecticut plate number 872-YEO.  Approximately 15 seconds later, the name Christopher Rodia is heard and then the conspiracy theorists went crazy in their false implications of this innocent man as a suspect, even going so far as accusing him of being a second shooter.

In recorded police audio, Connecticut license plate number 722-ZHA is called in, then shortley thereafter the 872-YEO plate is called in, the officer says "Connecticut 872 Y Yankee, E Echo, O Oscar, 872 YEO possible suspect vehicle",   During this time, in another location, Greenwich to be specific, Christopher Rodia was pulled over by police in a traffic stop. and then approximately 12 seconds after the 872-YEO plate is called in, audio is heard in a different voice saying "run the eh… operator, he’s a Florida license Connecticut as well, first name is Rodia, R-O-D-I-A, Christopher A. Date of birth is, eh…August 6th ’69"

Car Adam Lanza used to commit mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut

 It is THIS that the various nutjobs are using as evidence of a so called cover up and/or conspiracy theory and false implications against Christopher Rodia, simply because they are MORONS.

One, Connecticut plate number 722-ZHA belongs to Lillian Rhodia and it was called in not even a moment prior to the Lanza car... and that said vehicle is a green Nissan, NOT a black Honda.

Two, "run the operator.." is a CLEAR INDICATION that Rodia was in fact pulled over, and IN A VEHICLE, and being CHECKED by police, AS AN OPERATOR of a VEHICLE, presumably to verify the validity of his drivers license and to ascertain if there are any wants on potential outstanding warrants, etc.

Three, Greenwich Detective Vincent O'Banner even CONFIRMS that Rodia indeed was in fact pulled over at this time.   It is O'Banner's voice that is heard over the scanner calling in Rodia's name, yet the conspiratards reject this and accuse it as being part of some conspiracy and cover up.

If one is familiar with standard operating procedures of law enforcement, then you know that an OPERATOR is not called in for verification for any vehicle for which no operator is present, nor for any vehicle NOT IN OPERATION.