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August 23, 2014

ISIS is a Direct Result and Consequence of U.S. Intervention in the Middle East.

I should record a video on this topic, yet I find my self more at ease with writing since I'm able to pause and reflect on things prior to typing it out, unlike while recording where I must continue talking.

  With all the national news on ISIS, aka The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, I figured perhaps I should voice my own take on the situation.

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant aka ISIS

Fact is, ISIS is a direct result and consequence of US intervention and meddling in the middle east, but more alarming is the fact that the US government FUNDED, TRAINED AND ARMED ISIS.

ISIS is a direct offshoot of the Iraqi branch of Al-Qaeda, created in 2013 and active in not only Iraq, but in Syria as part of the collective "Syrian Rebels" which are supported by the US government.  Arizona Senator John McCain even met members of these terrorists groups in person while in Syria awhile back.

It is my belief that had the US not gotten involved in Iraq to begin with, there would be no threat as I'm sure Saddam Hussein would have put down any threat to his nation, much like so with Gaddafi in Libya.   When the US meddles in the governmental systems of nations abroad, it angers and incites the peoples of the region because they desire to form their own systems, not be under de-facto US rule via US placed puppet regimes.

Prior to the murder of Hussein, Iraq was no threat to the US and it is my belief that the US should NOT get involved in the internal conflicts of other nations.  It is NOT the job of the US government to be the world's police, nor is it supposed to be the burden of the American taxpayers who fund it through billions of dollars in tax revenue, which I may add has caused the US to be 18 TRILLION in debt, the majority of it due to the failures and incompetence of Barack Obama and US Congress over the last 6 years.

The latest news cycle regarding ISIS is the false notion that ISIS may strike against a major city of these United States, which I personally think is a load of BS fabricated in order to sell the idea of war to the dumb sheep of America.   Surely ISIS is well equipped thanks to the US government who allowed, aided, facilitated and abetted the Benghazi attacks in order to move weapons into ISIS hands, and then covered it up, but the notion that ISIS is capable of large scale or catastrophic attack against any city in the US is insanely absurd and unrealistic.

So now the US wants to go to war against ISIS, and organization that the US created, funded, trained and equipped.   The US has a history of this kind of thing, as seen with Afghanistan's Taliban, as well as with Osama Bin Laden, even Saddam Hussein.  It just never ends. 

How convenient, this planned "crisis" in order to enable more war and keep US troops in the middle east.

January 7, 2012

International Bankers Behind the War Against Iran

International Bankers Behind the War Against Iran

  It is my personal belief and opinion that the pending and upcoming war against Iran is not about nuclear weapons, but about privately owned banks gaining control of monetary policy and power in the Islamic world.   It is pathetic that the American people can once again be misled into yet another war based on lies.

 As if Iraq war is in distant memory that we the people have long forgotten about how we were told that Saddam had "weapons of mass destruction" only to discover that it was in fact a lie.

 Prior to the US invasion and attack against Iraq, Iraq had a government owned and controlled central bank, its currency commodity backed, which the government was in charge of printing.  Shortly after the murder of Saddam Hussein, a privately owned central bank was instituted with a new currency system based on debt, much like the Federal Reserve Bank.  The new central bank of Iraq is controlled and owned by JP Morgan and Chase.

 As if this in itself isn't enough to convince you, let's also look at Libya.  Prior to the invasion and attack against Libya, Libya too had a government owned and controlled central bank, its currency commodity backed, which the government was in charge of printing.  Once the US funded, equipped and supported Al Queda rebels gained control, a new privately owned and controlled central banking system was set up.   It is important to note also, that prior to the invasion of Libya, Colonel Gaddafi proposed to the North African region, a gold dinar currency and standard for oil pricing in the region, something which is a threat to Western banking profits and the US dollar as a reserve currency.

Now, let's take a look at Iran.  It too has a commodity backed currency system and a government owned and controlled central bank.  Take note that the first of the sanctions against Iran were against banking and doing business with the banks of Iran.  It is important that the reader understand that according to Islamic law, it is illegal to charge interest, thus, all the banks of the Islamic region are interest free, and their business has been booming over the last decade and a half as the international marketplace became more global.  This alone cut the profits of the Western banks whom consequently lobby for, finance and instigate these wars against all nations where they seek to gain control of monetary policy making and power.   This is an attempt at consolidating world monetary power into a few hands, and in the end, he who controls the money supply, controls the world.  It is the goal of these bankers to remove obstacles to their long term goal of establishing a universal currency, where all nations on earth use a single currency, one which they control and profit off of. 

What happens when the USA, Israel and UN Coalition forces attack Iran?  The price of oil skyrockets, which then creates a demand for US dollars since the US dollar is the world's reserve currency.  This entire conflict is over MONETARY POLICY and BANKING.  It is the BANKERS behind all these wars and it always has been.  We're being LIED TO and being MANIPULATED by PROPAGANDA.