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April 27, 2013

Tillandsia Air Plants

Collecting Tillandsia Air Plants

Due to moving into my new apartment and having an extremely poor internet connection over the past few weeks, I have been unable to update this blog, but now that my mobile broadband connection seems to have improved, I'd like to share with my readers about these beautiful and interesting plants I recently just found out about these cool little plants called Tillandsia, known as Air Plants, because they live in the air, not in soil.  They're from the Bromeliad family & get their nutrients from the air & water.

Shortly after moving into my new home I was walking around town when I discovered a new shop that wasn't here when I lived here before, so I decided to check it out, and it was there that I first saw the air plants, but at the time I was just looking around as I had no money to spend.

I didn't think too much about the air plants again until I had some spare cash, and ended up going back there to buy some, and came home with three of them.   When I was back at home, I searched on Google to get information on how to care for Tillandsia Air Plants and it was then that I learned that there's 540 different varieties.  I love these cute little plants and decided that I want a small collection of air plants of various varieties, and so, roughly a week or so later, I was back in the shop and picked up three more.

After I decided how I wanted to display my cute little air plants, I couldn't wait to photograph my new Tillandsia collection & show them to my friends and family on Facebook, and now here I am sharing them with you.

Tillandsia Air Plant, Capitata Peach
Tillandsia Air Plant, Capitata Peach, on a glass container I found for free outside, filled with sea glass, rocks & oyster shells my daughter & I picked up at our local beach. Capitata Peach Tillandsia is a native of Dominican Republic, Cuba and Mexico and grows mainly on rocks.

Bulbosa Belize Tillandsia Air Plant
Tillandsia Air Plant, Bulbosa Belize sitting on an oyster shell.  When the Bulbosa Belize Tillandsia blooms, there will be a bright red flower.  This variety is a native of Belize in Central America.

Ionantha Mexican Tillandsia Air Plant
Tillandsia Ionantha Mexican, mounted by making a hole in wine bottle cork I scavenged out of a recycling bin.  There are variations of the Ionantha Tillandsia, this variety being a native of Mexico.

Harrisii Tillandsia Air Plant

Harrisii Tillandsia Air Plant
These two photos are of the same Tillandsia Air Plant, Harrisii, mounted on a piece of Atlantic ocean driftwood bark.  Harrisii Tillandsia was named after an American air plant enthusiast, Bill Harris, that was murdered in 1985 in Guatemala where the species is a native plant.  Harrisii is an endangered species in Guatemala.

Tillandsia Air Plant Ionantha
Tillandsia Air Plant I haven't positively identified as of this posting, but believe to be Ionantha Guatamala, mounted on a piece of Atlantic ocean driftwood.  When mounting Tillandsia Air Plants on ocean driftwood, you must make sure that the driftwood has had all salt removed, usually by soaking it for a couple weeks with several water changes.  Salt will kill a Tillandsia Air Plant.

Juncea Tillandsia Air Plant
Tillandsia Air Plant, Juncea, mounted on a piece of Atlantic ocean driftwood.   Juncea Tillandsia is a tall, grassy air plant.   Juncea Tillandsia is native to Bolivia, Brazil, Costa Rica, Mexico and Venezuela.

I hope you enjoyed this post on Tillandsia Air Plants.  If you're interested in getting air plants of your own, considering buying air plants on Amazon & I'll earn a small commission when you buy via my links.