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June 14, 2013

I'm Transsexual and I Oppose Employment Non Discrimination Act H.R. 1755 & S. 815

There is No Human Right To Infringe Upon Any Individual Right

As an openly transsexual woman, a person born genetically male having been undergoing physical, physiological, mental & spiritual transition to female, and having been living as, presenting as, and identify as female on a daily basis for the past 4 years, I oppose the Employment Non Discrimination Act, aka ENDA, H.R. 1755 & S. 815.
Employment Non Discrimination Act ENDA H.R. 1755 & S. 815.

Those of you who know me know that my political and legal points of view are firmly aligned with the Libertarian ideals and philosophies, and it is due to these values that I have this conflict with ENDA as it currently stands with its blanket inclusion of gender identity and expression.   The problem with this bill is not its protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, but of its lack of precise specificity in regard to gender identity and expression because as it now stands, the proposed bill is a severe infringement on individual rights, as all such bills for "the common good of all" always tend to be.  More specifically, the bill infringes on ones private property rights, as well as the rights of freedom of association and ones right of choice.  There is no equality when a law oppresses the right of one to accommodate the affirmed right of another.

No governmental body, force nor law and legislation has ANY right to deny ANY individual their right of choice and to decide for their own self what is in their own best interests, nor of that affecting their property, nor the fruits of their labors.

Sexual orientation alone IS deserving of such anti discrimination protections, because sexual orientation is not a recognizable and visible characteristic that can be recognized nor known without actually knowing the individual on an intimate personal level..  Simply to say, you don't know who is gay or not by just looking at them, unless they told you so, therefore, if you hired such a person and then later learned about their sexual orientation after the fact, I agree that it should be unlawful to terminate such person's employment on these grounds as their sexual orientation does not affect their work performance and duties, nor is it a risk to your business, clientele or bottom line, etc.   Simply put, a gay or lesbian person presents no risk of loss nor any other dangers to a business or property owner because of their sexual orientation, however, the same can not be said in regards to gender identity and expression.

Gender identity and expression are in several various instances easily recognizable and visibly apparent characteristics, and in several instances, can be a big problem for one's business operations, can be a problem for one's bottom line, and affect their customer base, daily operations and more.   What happens if ENDA as it is in its current form is passed, and a large burly guy named John Q Brickshithouse who works at Freedom Ironworks in the Bible Belt of Southern USA decides he wants to suddenly show up to work dressed as a woman, and express long repressed feelings of gender expression?   Should John Q Brickshithouse be fired for showing up to work improperly dressed to perform the duties for which he was hired for?  How about for causing a disruption of normal day to day operations?  How about for causing productivity to go down, because other employees were too occupied with discussion over John's choice to show up to work in a dress.   How about for causing profit loss because customers, clients, etc chose to disassociate with the business due to John being employed there?   One simply does not stop doing business with a company because they employ a gay person, because it's not a recognizable and visibly apparent characteristic... However, John Q Brickshithouse sticks out like a sore thumb and there's no chance in hell ANYONE on earth would EVER think he is a woman, and it CAN affect business, profits, productivity, and much more within the work place.

As a transsexual woman, YES it is difficult to find a job, because YES people do exercise THEIR CHOICE to not hire me, and that is their RIGHT to do so, because it is their PRIVATE PROPERTY and they are free to voluntarily associate with whomever they wish, and it is not within the legal scope and authority of the US government to use coercion and force to oppress, infringe upon and violate ones INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.

It is the right of the individual to protect their own interests against loss and risk, and in my opinion, gender identity and expression in several types of work places and businesses, CAN present a risk, and CAN cause losses, notwithstanding location, because location alone presents a whole new set of problems.. I assume I don't have to spell it out for you and illustrate examples, such as what could happen in such places like in the deep south US, several portions of the Farmlands, or even the Mid West, etc, etc.

What if I, as a property owner, engaged in business, simply do not want to hire someone like John Q Brickshithouse simply for the fact that such person looks like a freaking IDIOT dressed as a woman?

Also, ENDA needs to be more specific in its definitions and terms insofar as what the limits are on protections for gender identity.  Certainly being transsexual is not by choice, however, there are too many instances and examples within "gender identity" & expression that ARE by choice, and DO present risk..   The bills for ENDA need more specificity and are dangerous infringements to personal liberty in their current form.

July 12, 2012

Transgender For the Uneducated & Clueless Bigot

Transgender For the Uneducated & Clueless Bigot

Transgender 101

In light of recent events involving certain family members, as well as various instances in the past where one used incorrect terminology in reference to my gender expression to conform to my gender identity, I would like to educate those who are unaware of the correct terminology applicable to transgender persons.  I would also like to dispel common myths espoused by bigots.

First, the term TRANSGENDER is an all inclusive umbrella term that includes ALL variations of gender identity, gender expression, and gender variation that does not conform to any binary gender.   When in doubt as to a persons specific gender identification and/or reasons for gender expression, the correct term to use at all times is TRANSGENDER, because, if you use a more specific term that may not apply to the individual, you are very likely to not only offend them, but cause the person emotional distress.

Now let's get into some of the more specific terms of various gender identity and gender expression related terminology.  I am only going to cover the basics and most common.

  • Transsexual - A transsexual is a person with the gender identity of the opposite sex engaged in gender expression to present themselves as the gender they identify with.  In simplest terms, a transsexual is a person born with the body of the wrong sex.  Most transsexuals seek medical treatment such as hormone replacement therapy or sex reassignment surgery although does not always include surgery for a variety of reasons, one of them usually being financial.  A transsexual is either a man born in the body of a woman, which is commonly referred to as Transman, Transgender Man, or FTM (Female Transitioning to Male), or a woman born in the body of a man, commonly referred to as Transwoman, Transgender Woman, or MTF (Male Transitioning to Female).  In my case, Transsexual is the most accurate term to describe me personally as I was born male, identify as female and express my self as female and transition has been in progress for some time
  • Cross Dresser - In simplest terms, a cross dresser is a male who wears the clothing of the opposite sex, BECAUSE the garments are associated with the opposite sex and often includes gender expression but usually does not include gender identification except on a temporary basis. Cross-dressers have little or no interest in changing sex.
  • Transvestite - A transvestite is a person who wears clothing of the opposite sex for sexual gratification or sexual purposes due to fetishistic elements of either the garments themselves or the gender role associated with the garment(s).

  •  Drag Queen - a drag queen is a male engaged in gender expression as a member of the opposite sex for the purpose of performance art and entertainment which often includes comedy, theater, singing and dancing.  The majority of drag queens are gay men, however, there are some heterosexual male drag queens.  The female version of drag is referred to as Drag King.

    When you meet a transgender person in public not in a "club" setting, in the majority of instances, but not always, that person is most likely transsexual since cross dressers and/or transvestites usually only engage in gender expression behind closed doors although some do venture out in public once in awhile.  When in doubt as to anything specific about the person, ALWAYS use transgender and do not make the mistake of using an incorrect term.

    Next, I'd like to cover derogatory terminology.  Under no circumstances whatsoever should anyone ever use these terms in reference to transgender persons.
    • Shemale - A term used in pornography featuring transsexual women who have not undergone sex reassignment surgery..
    • Tranny - A derogatory slur.  Using this term is similar to calling someone a racial slur.  It is also used in pornography.

      Since I just covered derogatory terminology, lets also cover sexual orientation since many bigots confuse gender identity and gender expression with being gay.   As previously stated, gender identity refers to ones identification of being of either sex, sex is defined by one's biological genitalia born with and gender expression is ones expression of gender through wardrobe, mannerisms, makeup, behavior, appearance, etc.   Sexual orientation however is ones own preference for romantic relationships and/or sexual intercourse and is non inclusive of gender identity or expression in that ones gender identity and expression has nothing whatsoever to do with which sex they prefer relationships or sexual activity with.

      For the same reasons that a woman can be lesbian, so too could a transgender woman. The ONLY time a transgender person is to be referred to as gay is in the cases of gay men engaged in drag queen performance, or transgender men who are sexually attracted to other men.  A transgender woman who is sexually attracted to women is a lesbian.  A transgender woman who is sexually attracted to men, or a transgender man sexually attracted to women, is considered as being straight.  Take note that this does not include cross dressers or transvestites because this is a form of gender expression without the gender identity, so, a cross dresser or transvestite that is sexually attracted to men is considered as being gay, but , a cross dresser or transvestite sexually attracted to women is NOT lesbian, but straight.

      Take note however that the terms gay, straight or lesbian do not apply to the physical sexual acts themselves when involving transgender persons, since a pre-op transgender woman engaged in sexual activity with a natal female is not engaged in "lesbian" sex, but hetero sexual intercourse.  It's complicated.

      Moving on, let's cover some basic transgender etiquette and your ethical responsibilities when dealing with transgender persons in respect to gender identity.

      • Respect their gender identity -  If the person in front of you is presenting themselves as a woman then address that person as a woman. If the person is presenting themselves as a man, then address that person a man. This means that you should use the proper pronouns and address them with the proper name. If you once knew the individual as John but that person now uses the name Mary when expressing her self as female, then you should address her as "Mary." 

      •  Treat them the same as any other person of their gender. - A transgender woman wants to be considered as a woman and treated as such. Similarly, a transgender man wants to be considered a man and treated as a man. Just use some common sense,  that one's biological sex is irrelevant.
      Things NOT to do.

      • Do not refer to biological women/men as "real women/men" in that it conveys the idea that the transgender person is not really a woman or man.
      • Never assume a transgender persons sexuality, nor ever consider transgender persons as sexual deviants or that it is some perversion.  Gender identity with the accompanying gender expression have nothing whatsoever to do with sexuality.

      • Never refer to transgender persons with derogatory terms connotative of sexual orientation, such as faggot, queer, homo, dike, butch, etc.  Gender identity and sexual orientation are unrelated and each a separate distinctive characteristic.
      I know I haven't covered everything, but hopefully this is enough of the simple basics for you to understand that gender identity and/or gender expression is not a perversion or mental illness.   In most types of transgender persons, there is a real NEED for the individual to BE and express themselves as the opposite sex assigned to them at birth.  A transsexual person denied the ability and right to be themselves is extremely distressed.

      As a transsexual woman, I my self am the HAPPIEST I ever been my entire life having been finally able to BE MY SELF and there's simply NO WAY I can undo this, nor can I ever go back.  I WOULD RATHER DIE than have to SUFFER again being something I only was on the outside because of the expectations and societal conditions placed upon me by others.