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November 24, 2012

Paracord Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments Made With Parachute Cord

Shortly after publishing my post on how to make paracord people I began getting visitors looking for paracord Christmas ornaments because I mentioned that the paracord people would make some cool paracord Christmas ornaments.

Naturally, because I love dragonfly, I also began making paracord dragonfly and after completing a few of them, I thought perhaps if I added a paracord inner stand in between the center of the paracord dragonfly's eyes, I could add a small lanyard hook, or Christmas tree ornament hook, and use the paracord dragonfly as a tree ornament as well.

Due to the fact that several people arrived here on my blog searching for paracord Christmas decorations, I decided to see what I could create in addition to the aforementioned, and so here I am just after completing my original paracord Christmas ornaments, ready to show off my work.    I am very pleased with my self, because while there's many people who make paracord bracelets, and several other things out of paracord, it seems that I am the first to create paracord Christmas ornaments.

Unfortunately, it won't be long before word spreads and others begin copying my ideas for the two Christmas ornaments made out of paracord that I created and designed using the cobra knot pattern.

Paracord Christmas Ornaments
Paracord Christmas Ornament with jingle bell,  paracord dragonfly and one of the several paracord people I made.

My original paracord Christmas ornament that I designed and created, with jingle bells, wooden beads & small silver beads, to resemble a small wreath. Paracord Christmas ornament copyright protected original design and work, may not be reproduced, modified or based on for commercial purposes without license.
Paracord Christmas Ornaments
Original Christmas ornaments made with paracord

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November 11, 2012

Paracord Buddies: Project Idea For Paracord Scraps

Paracord Buddies: Project Idea For Paracord Scraps

Photo Illustrated Step by Step Instructions on How to Make Paracord Buddies with Parachute Cord Scraps

After making numerous paracord bracelets I ended with numerous left over strands of paracord scrap. Because my six year old daughter enjoyed making paracord bracelets with me, I thought it would be fun to teach her how to make paracord buddies too and after showing photos of the finished paracord buddies, I decided to share these instructions for making paracord buddies.

  Step by Step Instructions on How to Make Paracord Buddies
To make paracord buddies you will need two strands of parachute cord, aka paracord, a single inner strand removed from the core of your paracord, a single 14mm wood bead, a lanyard hook or split ring key chain ring, scissors and a lighter.

Tie a single knot on the end of the strand of paracord that will be your paracord buddies' legs.

 Ream the hole of the wooden bead with your scissors to make the hole larger.
 Loop the single inner strand around the strand of paracord that will become your paracord buddies' legs.
 Feed the inner strand thread ends through the wooden bead
 Pull the thread, pushing the bead down.
 Continue pulling on thread while pushing down bead to pull paracord through the hole of the bead
 Discard the thread and attach a lanyard hook or split ring key chain ring to the loop.
 Pull bead up.  This is your paracord buddies' head.
 Take your second strand of paracord and lay it across it over the front of your paracord buddies' body.
 Using the same cobra knot technique applied to my how to make paracord bracelets post, take one end and loop it around the back and over the other end of strand as shown.
 Now take the other end and cross it over the front and through the loop
 Now pull the two ends to tighten and form a cobra knot
 Repeat, this time starting from the other side.
 Repeat again one more time, again, starting from the opposite end of your last knot
 After last knot is pulled tight, pull your paracord buddies shirt up so that it sits just beneath its head.
 Use your scissors and trim the arms to equal lengths.
 Use your lighter and singe the ends of the arms.  Do not burn or start a fire.  Paracord is 100% nylon and melts if heated too long and WILL catch on fire if you do this incorrectly

Next, tie a single knot on your paracord buddies other leg so that it aligns with the other one.  These are your paracord buddies feet.
Now cut off the excess paracord below the knots and singe the ends.

You are now finished and just made your very own paracord buddy.

These are great for children to make, with adult help for the cutting and singing.  My daughter loves them.

Paracord buddies are great as key chain charms, as back pack zipper pulls, or even as Christmas tree ornaments.
Paracord, buckles and more for parachute cord crafts
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May 27, 2012

Adventure at Lorraine Park Campground in Harold Parker State Forest

Adventure at Lorraine Park Campground in Harold Parker State Forest

  As a prepper and survivalist, a friend and I have been wanting to go camping for some time so that we can do a dry run on bugging out as well as test our skills in such things as water filtration, identifying, preparing and eating wild edible plants, fishing and more.  We also hoped to create videos on survival and various other related topics.  We chose to camp at Lorraine Park Campground in Harold Parker State Forest, Andover, Massachusetts. Since we could only camp for one night due to lack of transportation as well as funds, we decided to arrive early and got to the campground office at 8:30am hoping to secure our camp site early so that he and I can go off into the forest while the girls were set up and left at the camp site, however, we were very disappointed to find out that the park does not open until 1pm, so, a huge dent was put into our plans.
Frye Pond, Lorraine Park Campground, Harold Parker State Forest, Andover, Massachusetts
Frye Pond, Lorraine Park Campground, Harold Parker State Forest, Andover, Massachusetts
 We decided to go for a hike deep in the forest, our gear left behind, tightly packed into the back of my friend's car that was left in the state park's headquarters.  My wife constantly complained, so, there were repeated trips back to the car for food, water, bathroom visits, etc which made our hiking rather chaotic.

Finally we got our camp site registered and by the time we had the tents set up, a fire going and lunch prepared, it was no around 3pm and we were all just too damn worn out and disorganized for doing survival related stuff and making videos.   Since checkout was at 11am, I had hoped to be up at the break of dawn to head out deep into the forest with my gear, wild plants book and camera, however, I was not expecting to be awaken by rain at 4:30am as the roof of my bivy tent is screen and was not covered with the rain fly so I could see the sky and stars as I lay inside, so, I was woken up as the rain fell on me.  By the time the sun was up shortly thereafter, I was in no mood to go hiking and make videos, etc.   The girls were miserable and cranky due to unexpected arrival of menstruation, and we ended up calling our ride to pick us up early.
Angel Silver Moon, Fapper666, & Asshole Blogger with wife and daughter. at Lorraine Park Campground
Angel Silver Moon, Fapper666, & Asshole Blogger with wife and daughter. at Lorraine Park Campground

Next time, we will have to make arrangements for a whole weekend.   Although it was only a single night, we did have alot of fun exploring the trails within the forest with all its various ponds.  We found frogs, toads, turtles, snakes and various interesting plants.   At our camp site, a beaver come up to us, as well as a family of Canadian Geese which remained the rest of the night.   Our camp site was directly in front of Frye Pond, so we had to listen to the constant chatter of bull frogs and other pond creatures.

I took some photos and video footage, so thought I would share some of them here on my blog.  The videos were pretty much random and chaotically crazy, so I edited them together in a montage to put up on my YouTube channel since I promised my BlogTV viewers that I would bring back some video footage of our camping adventure at Harold Parker State Forest.

With Fapper666 and I splitting the $12 fee to camp for one night, it was definitely worth the $6 I spent to have so much fun with not only my family, but great friends.  I can't wait to do it again.

April 15, 2012

The Best Fun for the Family is Free Fun

The Best Fun for the Family is Free Fun

An Adventure at Clipper City Rail Trail.

Clipper City Rail Trail, Newburyport, Massachusetts
Clipper City Rail Trail, Newburyport, Massachusetts
As a parent, I am constantly on the lookout for fun things to do with my daughter, and to be frank, sometimes things just cost way too much, and considering my financial distress, money is tight, therefore, can not be spent on leisure or entertainment.

My daughter, like her dad, is an explorer and an adventurer who loves to learn new things and see new places and things, so, I'm always on the hunt for interesting places to take her for some fun as well as for education, and since I am often broke,  I look for fun things to do that are free, or things we can do together that are very inexpensive.

On Saturday morning, as usual, my daughter stated that she was bored, something she says quite often, so, knowing that she loves riding on the trains, I decided to see what was around that we could do for free that was conveniently located near any of our local MBTA commuter rail stations and that's when I discovered the Clipper City Rail Trail in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

The Clipper City Rail Trail begins just across the street from the Newburyport MBTA commuter rail station and ends at the Merrimac River and downtown Newburyport is just a short block away for strolling through Newburyport's old New England downtown for eating, entertainment and shopping, although to do these three things, one must have tons of cash, because Newburyport is excessively expensive.

The Clipper City Rail Trail is paved and is 1.1 miles long, offering beautiful scenery, nature, art and fun, all for free. My daughter and I had a great time as my friend and I walked as she roller skated up and down the pathway.  We stopped at all the various public art and sculptures, took tons of photographs, smelled the flowers, and even spent a little while sitting in the sun on a nice bench with a beautiful view.

There are a few additional paths on this trail we haven't explored, so, knowing how much my little one enjoyed it, we will go again, because after showing my wife the photos, she too is interested in going.   I am also hoping to make a group thing of it and invite along several friends for a free fun filled day they can bring their kids to.

The photographs to the left are just a small sample of what Clipper City Rail Trail has to offer as well as being only a fraction of the photos I took that day.

If you're interested in knowing more about Clipper City Rail Trail, the City of Newburyport has a page on their website with details and information on the Clipper City Rail Trail as well as several photographs.

Next time I go, I'll be sure to have some cash on me so we can enjoy an ice cream cone from Haylees Ice Cream which is close to the entrance of the trail, and they have outdoor seating, or, you can head back to the trail and sit on the benches made out of hay bales.

Summer is right around the corner and knowing how easily my daughter gets bored, I'll be looking out for more fun and exciting things to do that are free, or very cheap, because $100+ days of fun are way out of my damn budget.   Everything is so damn expensive these days.

Download A Walking Tour of Newburyport: by Doug Gelbert , available for Kindle, iPad, and iPhone.