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November 21, 2012

The Works of Talented Friends

Books and Music by My Friends

After publishing my last post to show off some book covers I designed for a Facebook friend, I began thinking of the accomplishments of several of my friends and thought perhaps it would be nice to show off their works.

Over the years I have come to know some very talented people ranging from artists, authors, musicians, actors and more and although I couldn't possibly write about all of them I wanted to share some of their works with my readers, particularly since it's the holiday shopping season and perhaps some of my friend's works would be of interest as a wonderful gift to give to a special loved one, or to have for their own enjoyment.

Jerry O'Connor Bottari.

Salem Through a Looking Glass

Jerry O'Connor Bottari is the mother of a long time close friend I've known for the past seventeen years who also happens to be a former classmate and long time friend of my ex wife.

Jerry is a poet, a painter and an amateur photographer.  Jerry has recently published a book titled "Salem Through a Looking Glass" which includes her photography and poetry.  Her next book is tentatively titled "Salem: A Wonderland Through Time"

Her book is published by Salem House Press, an independent publisher founded by my great friend Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin, who's next on my list.

Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin

A Walk Through Salem
Christopher Jon Luke Dowgin, simply known as Chris by friends is one of the first persons I met and befriended when I moved to Salem, Massachusetts back in 1994.   Chris was a regular fixture at Salem's former music and club scene back in the day when I was heavily involved in film and video, recording not only a popular local music television show for Salem's cable access television for several years, but also producing a couple music videos as well as photography for class projects while in college getting my degree in film production, journalism and photography.  One of the many similar interests I shared with Chris was not only the music, but the love for classic American cars.

Chris is a multi talented individual who is not only an author with several titles under his belt, but has also founded an independent publishing company, is a painter, an illustrator and a musician.   Chris is very well know in Salem and is often found at every single music event in town.

Chris's first published novel is "A Walk Through Salem" which is a fairy tale and walking tour of Salem, Massachusetts, a favorite for Salem's tourists.  This is the book which led Chris forward to not only writing additional works, but as a self published author has progressed on to forming an independent publishing company, Salem House Press.  Not only is "A Walk Through Salem" written by Chris, but he is also the illustrator and all of Chris's work features his artwork.  Additional titles written and illustrated by Chris Dowgin include "Salem Secret Underground: The History of the Tunnels in the City",  "The Wizard of Lynn", "Jasper: A Bunny's Tale", and "Gang Stories".

J.E. Sandoval

Blood Of The Righteous: Book 1 of the Ki Kalendeen Chronicles

J.E Sandoval is a wonderful friend I met online and have interacted with via social media only, mostly via YouTube where both of us produce video content and commentary, etc and although I never met him in person, I consider him a friend.   I wrote a plug about his first book, Blood of the Righteous: Book 1 of  the Ki Kalendeen Chronicles, here on this very blog back when it was first released, but since then J.E. Sandoval, aka Jim has written a couple of short stories, "Pirates of the Decian Sea",  & "Trouble At The Scholar's Inn" available for download on Amazon Kindle, mobile devices and other e-reader applications..

J.E. Sandoval is currently in the final phase of releasing the second book of The Ki Kalendeen Chronicles which I am looking forward to reading because not only was Blood of the Righteous a fantastic story of adventure and fantasy, but a character in the upcoming second book, Jorrig, an ass-kicking member of The Blackguard, a hard-core division of The Fallen,.is in part based on me.

Not only do I know some wonderfully talented authors, but I also know some great musicians, mostly due to my short lived career of six years as a producer and director of a successful music television program on Salem's cable access television station.  During this time period, I was also obtaining my degree in film, journalism and photography, so not only did I feature local musicians in film, music video and photography for my class projects and course work, but also earned a living freelancing as a videographer and photographer in the local North Shore music scene.  There's no way I'm going to cover the immense amount of local, regional and national music talent I covered during that period, so I'm just going to cover those who were among friends.

Brian Maes

Brian Maes
Brian Maes was a regular player at Bleachers, a popular bar and nightclub in downtown Salem, Massachusetts, my favorite hangout back in the day where I met several great friends, the one and very same place where I met Chris Dowgin who is also friends with Brian.

During those years I've come to know Brian and because I loved his music I had him on my television show and featured his work and band in a music video I produced and directed as a final project for my film class at Umass for his song "Don't Send Me an Angel".

Brian Maes has a very impressive and long career in music not only as a solo artist, but as a former member of RTZ with Brad Delp & Barry Goudrea of Boston, and Tim Archibald, all of whom I've met and gotten to know during those years of my former life

Currently, both Brian Maes and Tim Archibald are with Ernie and the Automatics.  Brian has also played with Peter Wolf, famous as the lead singer of The J Giels Band. There's so much more to Brian Maes and his music not even mentioned here.  I just wanted to introduce him and some of his wonderful work to you.   I haven't seen or spoken to Brian in years, in part due to losing my home and life's film, video and photography work to a fire in 2001.

Powerman 5000

Powerman 5000
Prior to pursuing my degree and potential career in film, video and photography I worked as a courier, more specifically, a bicycle messenger, like Kevin Bacon in Quicksilver, lol.   It was then that I worked with Adam Williams, guitarist for Powerman 5000.  I worked with Adam for four years and when I parted ways with the courier company, did not see Adam again until Powerman 5000 played at Bleachers a few years later, who of course was featured live on location for my television show.  Although all my work in film, video, television and photography has been destroyed back in 2001 due to a fire, that show with Powerman 5000 is the only footage I still have to this day.

There's others I'd like to cover here, but it's beginning to become hectic around here as I prepare to wind down for Thanksgiving, so, perhaps I will edit this post later to add a couple other friends and their work.

August 16, 2012

Bye Bye Whore, Hello Podunk

So much has happened in my personal life over the last couple weeks and I feel very compelled to share with you these things.

As many of you may know, I was being evicted from my home and facing homelessness, but working on being placed into family shelter through the Massachusetts Department of Housing and Community Development, however, that plan fell apart and things went entirely in a different direction.

The eviction was executed on August 2nd, however, we were told by DHCD that we would not be eligible for shelter placement until August 6th, so, my daughter, wife and I camped out in a tent on the beach behind a local campground for the weekend with the intention of following through with our plan to be placed via DHCD.

Camping on the beach in a Bivy Tent

That all changed Sunday morning, August 5th when my wife, at 6:30am woke me up in her fit of psychotic and delusional behavior that caused me to panic because I did not want campers in the nearby campground to hear her loud and disruptive behavior that would certainly lead to someone calling the police if she didn't shut up, so, freaking out over the possibility of facing legal issues over camping on the beach and being homeless with a child, I began packing everything up and then walked away.

Naturally my wife ranted and screamed the entire way and in doing so told me that while drunk, on three separate occasions, has cheated on me by having sex with three different men. I was FURIOUS and very hurt and told her that our relationship is OVER. When we arrived in downtown, I put our tent and gear back into our storage bin, and then my wife, the mother of my children, said she was taking off and going to disappear.

My daughter and I watched her walk away for a moment, and then I asked my little girl, "Do you want to follow mommy" and her answer was "No, just let her go.. I want to stay with you daddy".... It was the following morning that we were to return to DHCD, however, now that my wife was not with us, we had friends willing to help us, so, spent the night at one such friends and then moved to the Cape to temporarily live with my mother and older daughter. Previously this was not an available option since my wife was not welcome, and as much as I do appreciate my mother's help and really enjoy being with my older daughter, that she and my youngest are together, the situation presents some difficult challenges for me because I am transgender and am being forced back into repression and hiding who I am due to my mother's fears, etc over the reactions of others and that of my older daughter who does not know. The other challenge here is that this community is akin to podunk and you need a vehicle to get anywhere. I simply hate this area and feel trapped, but it'll have to do until I can change that, which I feel may not be for a long time since school starts in a couple weeks and I am not willing to disrupt my child's education in order to move to another town, although I do hope to be out of my mom's house and in a place of my own within a couple to few months.

I did manage to get my PC, so, will be back to my normal networking and blogging activities and with luck save my business that is falling apart. I'm certain my business will fully collapse near the beginning of next month since I have two invoices overdue for $250 which if not paid will cause me to lose domains and my web server, putting me completely out of business and losing any little income being generated. The other challenge for me is how to pay $300 in court costs due by Sept 13 for a bogus charge that was dismissed, so, I simply feel overwhelmed and fucked.

To make matters worse, my motorcycle is in my father in laws yard and he is demanding that I remove it ASAP or he'll "get rid of it", this after he gave me permission to park it there. He's just being a jerk to me because of his daughter, and well, I have no way to get it, nor the money to do so. DAMN, I love my bike and will be pissed if I lose it.

Anyway, I had to return to my home area to tie up loose ends over the past weekend, chase down some documents, get my PC from storage, etc and took my daughter to the Chinese August Moon Festival in Boston's Chinatown. We had a great time and it was a much needed break for me to get away from my mom's for the weekend so I can put on my wig, makeup, skirt and heels, etc. I am MISERABLE when I am denied the ability to be my self, and here I sit writing this all a mere 4 days after returning and I am already irritable, depressed and anxious over the fact I am unable to outwardly express my gender identity.

Chinese August Moon Festival, Chinatown, Boston 2012
Chinese August Moon Festival, Chinatown, Boston 2012

There's some great news too. Today I was in Probate and Family court and have been granted emergency sole legal and physical custody of my six year old daughter and given the circumstances with her mother, I should be granted custody permanently when the hearing takes place, I believe in 90 days.

Tomorrow I hope to be hired for a job somewhere, although there's jack shit out here other than small retail and food service, I need something, so, hopefully find something ASAP before shit gets worse again.

All I know is, I really need to improve and change my life and the sooner, the better.

May 27, 2012

Adventure at Lorraine Park Campground in Harold Parker State Forest

Adventure at Lorraine Park Campground in Harold Parker State Forest

  As a prepper and survivalist, a friend and I have been wanting to go camping for some time so that we can do a dry run on bugging out as well as test our skills in such things as water filtration, identifying, preparing and eating wild edible plants, fishing and more.  We also hoped to create videos on survival and various other related topics.  We chose to camp at Lorraine Park Campground in Harold Parker State Forest, Andover, Massachusetts. Since we could only camp for one night due to lack of transportation as well as funds, we decided to arrive early and got to the campground office at 8:30am hoping to secure our camp site early so that he and I can go off into the forest while the girls were set up and left at the camp site, however, we were very disappointed to find out that the park does not open until 1pm, so, a huge dent was put into our plans.
Frye Pond, Lorraine Park Campground, Harold Parker State Forest, Andover, Massachusetts
Frye Pond, Lorraine Park Campground, Harold Parker State Forest, Andover, Massachusetts
 We decided to go for a hike deep in the forest, our gear left behind, tightly packed into the back of my friend's car that was left in the state park's headquarters.  My wife constantly complained, so, there were repeated trips back to the car for food, water, bathroom visits, etc which made our hiking rather chaotic.

Finally we got our camp site registered and by the time we had the tents set up, a fire going and lunch prepared, it was no around 3pm and we were all just too damn worn out and disorganized for doing survival related stuff and making videos.   Since checkout was at 11am, I had hoped to be up at the break of dawn to head out deep into the forest with my gear, wild plants book and camera, however, I was not expecting to be awaken by rain at 4:30am as the roof of my bivy tent is screen and was not covered with the rain fly so I could see the sky and stars as I lay inside, so, I was woken up as the rain fell on me.  By the time the sun was up shortly thereafter, I was in no mood to go hiking and make videos, etc.   The girls were miserable and cranky due to unexpected arrival of menstruation, and we ended up calling our ride to pick us up early.
Angel Silver Moon, Fapper666, & Asshole Blogger with wife and daughter. at Lorraine Park Campground
Angel Silver Moon, Fapper666, & Asshole Blogger with wife and daughter. at Lorraine Park Campground

Next time, we will have to make arrangements for a whole weekend.   Although it was only a single night, we did have alot of fun exploring the trails within the forest with all its various ponds.  We found frogs, toads, turtles, snakes and various interesting plants.   At our camp site, a beaver come up to us, as well as a family of Canadian Geese which remained the rest of the night.   Our camp site was directly in front of Frye Pond, so we had to listen to the constant chatter of bull frogs and other pond creatures.

I took some photos and video footage, so thought I would share some of them here on my blog.  The videos were pretty much random and chaotically crazy, so I edited them together in a montage to put up on my YouTube channel since I promised my BlogTV viewers that I would bring back some video footage of our camping adventure at Harold Parker State Forest.

With Fapper666 and I splitting the $12 fee to camp for one night, it was definitely worth the $6 I spent to have so much fun with not only my family, but great friends.  I can't wait to do it again.

March 27, 2012

Promotion For a Friend's New Book; Blood of the Righteous

Promotion For a Friend's New Book; Blood of the Righteous

Back in December, I had a video on my YouTube channel expressing my fears associated with a potential upcoming eviction from my home due to overwhelming unpaid debt which I was unable to resolve with the income I had coming in.  During that time, a few generous subscribers offered to help me so that I can keep my home.  One of them, whom I consider a friend although we have never physically met face to face, is Dr Jim.

 Like me, Dr Jim makes videos on YouTube and he just released his first novel, Blood of the Righteous, which is Book 1 of the Ki Kalendeen Chronicles.  I wish Jim, aka J.E. Sandoval, the success he so richly deserves in this amazing achievement and accomplishment.   Like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games and various other best selling novel series, I hope Jim someday sees his novels adapted for the screen in a blockbuster Hollywood film.   Jim is a genuinely wonderful person with several great talents, and because of his warmhearted generosity in helping me, I want to do what I can to help spread the word about his first novel, Blood of the Righteous.  I'm also particularly interested in this series myself since Jim tells me that a character based on me appears in book 2, so, I am excited about that and very curious to find out more about my character when the second book is released and I am eagerly awaiting for delivery of my own copy of Blood of the Righteous which I am very enthusiastic and excited about reading.

Blood of the Righteous: Book 1 of the Ki Kalendeen ChroniclesBlood of the Righteous: Book 1 of the Ki Kalendeen Chronicles
Murder most foul!
A noble lord is slaughtered in his manor. His three surviving children suddenly find themselves commoners. The oldest, Gabriel Ki Kalendeen, is a knight in service to the church who must balance his commitment to God with his responsibilities to his family. Eleenia, an independent minded healer, tries to make her way in a in a male dominated society in a profession that permits few females to enter. The roguish David, having survived the attack on his family, takes on a new identity, convinced that he is still a target. Together they struggle against society, their own deep character flaws, and the evil that secretly manipulates the world through intrigue, deception, lies, and murder. But the Sons of Perdition knew not what they did when they spilled the Blood of the Righteous!

Lord Sagaroth is summoned by the powers of darkness and given a mission to help the plan succeed. While the Ki Kalendeen and Branvold families plan for a festive occasion, Sagaroth is plotting to kill two of the opposition's main strategists and fighters. A small group survives. Most, led by Bishop Malachi, make for the safety of the University. David disobeys his father's orders and stays to help fight the invaders. Surviving by the skin of his teeth due to his wits, David knows that if it is discovered he is still alive, he will be a target. He takes to the seas where he finds his schooling useful to the Captain of a ship. David's siblings, Gabriel and Eleenia, are already at the University and learn of the attack when the survivors arrive.

You can download Blood of the Righteous: Book 1 of the Ki Kalendeen Chronicles, Kindle Edition which is also readable on your PC, iPhone or iPod touch as well as other devices if you don't own a Kindle,or, you can buy the book in print