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June 5, 2013

Family Chef Brand Products from Family Dollar Stores SUCK.

Don't Waste Your Money On Cheap, Poorly Manufactured Products by Family Chef Brand From Family Dollar That Are Harmful To Your Health.

As several of you know, I recently moved into a new apartment.  I had no cookware when I moved in, so visited Family Dollar, a so called discount store that carries mostly crap from China, as well as junk food and beverages, etc.. and purchased the Family Chef 7 Piece Cookware Set, which claims to be "made of high quality steel" as well as "non stick"... both of which are outright FALSE.   In addition to this, I also purchased the Family Chef 16 Piece Utensils Set in a rotating caddy.   Both of these products SUCK.  They're cheap for a reason, and that is because they're of poor quality and will be COMPLETELY USELESS after only a couple of uses.    Consider them akin to any disposable one time use product, because in my opinion, that's exactly what they are, AND they're HAZARDOUS TO YOUR HEALTH.

Family Chef 7 Piece Cookware by Family Dollar
Let's start with the cookware.   First off, high quality STEEL does not buckle up & warp when heated on a FREAKING STOVE.   On my very first use, the largest of the pots in this set, while boiling water, buckled...(not sure if this is the correct term to use) & warped... all of a sudden, I heard a loud "PLINK", and the pan bounced up a little bit, and on the bottom there is a large dent, as if someone had turned it upside down and banged it with a hammer.   This is not high quality steel, but what I would call cheap, poor quality TIN.

Now let's move on to "non stick".. Well, I'm sorry, but in my opinion, that's a LOAD OF HORSESHIT, because this too on my first use turned out to be a problem, because not only did my goddamn eggs STICK to the damn pan, but it was a real sonofabitch to clean.   Thereafter, over the course of a few days, the pans SMELLED AWFUL when cooking.. This odor was due to HIGHLY TOXIC FUMES being generated by the degradation of the non stick coating, and not only this, but tiny particles were also found in food prepared with these pieces of shit.  The fumes are hazardous to your health, and my assumption is that ingestion of these particles is bad for you as well.   AVOID THIS BRAND of pots and pans if you value your health if not your wallet.

On this same visit to Family Dollar Ripoff Stores, I also picked up the Family Chef 16 Piece Utensil Set, another cheap ass product that sucks, because the spatula, on the very first use, at the same time my fucking eggs stuck to the so called non stick pan, melted, making it necessary to throw the eggs in the trash due to the melted plastic mixed in with them...  What kind of spatula melts turning over a stuck egg in a non stick pan, cooked on low heat from an electric stove?  Certainly this one...  needless to say, the others melted as well... a spoon in boiling water, the remainder inside the dishwasher.. when they come out of the dishwasher, they were miniscule in comparison to their original size, discolored, and severely disfigured.

I'm very disappointed.  I'm broke as it is and hate wasting money like this, because now, not only am I out of the cash I spent on this CRAP, I also need pots and pans to cook with, as well as utensils, and am freaking broke for another two weeks.   SCREW YOU FAMILY DOLLAR!   More importantly, what about my daughter and I's health?  Just how many of those non stick coating particles have we eaten before I noticed it, and how much of the toxic fumes did we breath in.  Reading online, it is said that these fumes are highly carcinogenic and are linked to causing cancer... WTF Family Dollar... would you like a lawsuit?

October 26, 2012

Natural Herbs That Help Produce Estrogen

Natural Herbs That Help Produce Estrogen

Due to the fact that I took a serious interest in emergency survival preparedness, I have spent a great deal of time over the years learning about wild edible plants, many of which also serve for medicinal purposes and natural healing etc. Recently however, my interest in wild edible plants and medicinal herbs has increased.

One day this past summer I took a walk along a wooded trail by the river with a very close friend of mine to dig up some Burdock Root, which he taught me about as a natural wild food. After sharing a prepared Burdock root meal with my friend, I researched more about Burdock and its medicinal properties, as well as that of various other plants we harvested. I have researched quite a bit on Burdock Root and have discovered that Burdock Root contain plant estrogens, which act like the estrogen hormone in the human body.. Alternatives to HRT are herbs that contain plant estrogens. In addition to Burdock root, others include red clover, seaweed, dandelion root, fenugreek, nettle, hops, flaxseeds, black cohosh, St. John's wort, lemon balm and sage. Herbs may interact in a negative way with medications, so discuss their use with your doctor beforehand.

I myself have been manipulating my own hormone levels through herbs and diet, and it does work. I have developed small breasts, my skin is smoother, my body hair decreased and I am starting to show a larger hip. I had already been into herbal and diet based HRT alternatives when I wrote Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy for Transsexuals , so, I wish to expand in this area.
As for the Burdock Root for the estrogen benefits, it can be consumed via drinking it as a tea, or by eating the cooked roots.

As for getting Burdock Root, you can either harvest it from the wild as I do, or you can buy it online either in its organic root form, or as a supplement pill, powder, tea, etc.

October 24, 2012

Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy for Transsexuals

 Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy for Transsexuals

As a transsexual transitioning from a male body to a female one, hormonal replacement therapy is just one part of this and I have been successful in obtaining decent results with an all natural way of manipulating hormone levels through herbs and diet, and wish to share with you the following information regarding natural hormones through herbs and food. Take note however, that none of these claims have been approved nor confirmed by the FDA and are merely restated for informational purposes.

  • A higher intake of protein and fats are associated with higher levels of androgens
  • Vegetarians have lower levels of male hormones than meat eaters
  • Low Essential Fatty Acids can boost the production of testosterone. Avoiding foods which contains those EFAs will be a good way to reduce the production of testosterone,
  • Eating foods rich in phytoestrogens appears to lower androgen levels. Phytoestrogens, found in plant foods, are a weaker form of estrogen than that found in the body. The richest sources include tofu, soybeans and flax seed.
  • Soy beans consists of substance that can reduce the production of androgens called isoflavone. Foods with isoflavone which is made out of soy beans are saitans, tofu, tempeh, and many more, You can consume as much as soy beans products as you want because these foods are also healthy for your body, It is a high fiber food which is good for your metabolism, keeping your skin healthy, and limit fat intake in to your body.
  • Foods which contain high EFAs and vegetables which are classified as cruciferous, such as broccoli, turnip, cabbage, Brussels sprout, radishes and cauliflower can radically decrease the estrogen production thus increase the production of testosterone.
  • Spearmint tea decrease testosterone production in the body and act as an anti-androgen. I drink 3 cups a day. Green tea is also good for this purpose.
Herbs and Spices Containing Estradiol.
  • Soy milk
  • Yucca
  • Licorice
  • Tumeric
  • Red Clover
  • Hops
  • Mandrake
  • Verbenna
  • Bloodroot
  • Yellow Dock
  • Thyme
  • Sheep sorrel
The above listed have estrogenic activity at low physiological doses. If you take at least 2 grams of any of the herbs daily or drink 6 ounces or more of soymilk, your body is getting in touch with its feminine side. Additional herbs with higher estrogenic properties than those listed above.
  • Coumestrol
  • Mistletoe
  • Don quai
  • White clover
  • Motherwort
One of the effects of the female hormone progesterone is to inhibit the release of new LH and reduce the circulating levels of LH (5). Therefore, while progesterone is not produced in men, certain foods, herbs and spices do have progesterone like activity. Eating these progesteronic foods in appreciable amounts theoretically may reduce testosterone levels. The list below notes the progesterone-like activity of herbs and spices. Micrograms of Progesterone Equivalents/2 g Dry Herb
  • Bloodroot 100
  • Thyme 4
  • Ocotillo 8
  • Calamus Root 3
  • Mandrake 8
  • Red Clover 3
  • Oregano 8
  • Goldenseal 3
  • Damiana 6
  • Licorice 3
  • Pennyroyal 5
  • Mistletoe 3
  • Verbena 5
  • Cumin 2
  • Nutmeg 4
  • Fennel 2
  • Tumeric 4
  • Camomille 2
  • Yucca 4
  • Cloves 2
A high fat diet = high testosterone. Studies have shown that when total fat, monounsaturated fat, and saturated fat intakes increase, so does testosterone... If you must have fat, make sure it's polyunsaturated. Studies also show that eating animal protein is correlated with increases in testosterone. The "Journal of Endocrinology" has determined that soy (which contains phytoestrogens) will decrease testosterone levels. The fear that consuming soy products, and therefore the consumption of phytoestrogens, would cause a change in testosterone was proven in a study done by Gifu University School of Medicine located in Japan. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, the study revealed that testosterone concentrations were inversely related with the intake of soy products, after controlling all other factors.  

Carbohydrates and Simple Sugars Diets which are high in complex carbohydrates, simple sugars and fiber will result in lower testosterone levels. Consuming an excessive amount of carbohydrates will cause blood sugar to elevate and therefore release elevated levels of insulin and cortisol. Once these two hormones are in the body, they work to decrease production of testosterone and oppose the action of the testosterone which is released into the body.  

Foods rich in phytoestrogens, a natural estrogen: Soy. Millet. Barley. Flax seed. Lentils. Kidney beans. Lima beans. Rye. Clover. Fennel. Chickpeas (garbanzo beans). Other foods containing the estrogen compound phytoestrogen include; Apples. Alfalfa sprouts. Celery. Parsley. Beets. Bok choy. Carrots. Cucumbers. Mushrooms. Seaweeds. Squash. Pumpkin seeds. Sunflower seeds. Cherries. Olives. Pears. Plums. Tomatoes. Prunes. Barley. Oats. Brown rice. Wheat germ. Bulgur. Brewer’s Yeast. Black-eye peas. Mung bean sprouts. Navy beans. Red beans. Split peas. Spices; cloves, ginger, hops, oregano, red raspberry, sage tea, thyme, turmeric.

Flax seed is exceptionally excellent, not only as a food containing the estrogen-like phytoestrogen, but for general, all-around health. Flax seed taken daily decreases the risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Flax seed improves liver function, vastly improves the condition of dry skin, dull hair and brittle nails and is helpful in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis. Flax seed alleviates some allergies can lower total serum cholesterol levels by up to 9 percent, lowers LDL cholesterol levels by up to 18 percent, aids in weight loss, improves energy and is effective in treating depressions. Flax seed also improves mental functioning and alleviates some cases of asthma.  

HIGH TESTOSTERONE FOODS TO AVOID Raw Oysters Anything high in ZINC, and/or B6, Avocado Asparagus Banana Figs Celery Almonds and nuts in general eggs meat Brown Rice corn broccoli cabbage high proteins, fatty, etc cauliflower corn onions  

Atttempting to change hormone levels without medical supervision from your doctor could be dangerous. Please consult a doctor before beginning any large dietary changes.

Products I use daily for natural hormone replacement therapy

February 22, 2012

Monsanto’s Bt GMO corn to be sold at Wal-Mart with no indication it is genetically modified

Monsanto’s Bt GMO corn to be sold at Wal-Mart with no indication it is genetically modified

Ethan A. Huff
Natural News

Monsanto Toxic GM bT Corn
 Most of the genetically-modified (GM) corn products forced on American consumers today are hidden in processed foods in the form of high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), corn oil, corn starch, and various other corn-based additives.

But soon to be available at a Walmart near you is Monsanto's Bt sweet corn, the agri-giant's first ever GM corn product made available to consumers as whole ears right on the cob in the produce section-- and like with all other GMOs, neither Walmart nor Monsanto has any intention of labeling this new "Frankencorn."

Monsanto first unveiled this new variety of GM sweet corn back in August, which rivals Syngenta's GM sweet corn that has already been on the market in limited form for the past ten years, claiming that it would be available to farmers for planting during Fall 2011. Now, the corn appears set to make its debut in Walmart stores across the country as early as Summer 2012, unless massive public outcry is able to convince the multinational retailer to scrap the corn, or at least voluntarily label it.

This disturbing development comes courtesy of both Food & Water Watch and Sum Of Us, which recently drew attention to the issue by creating petitions against Walmart's potential sale of the corn. Though Monsanto's GM sweet corn contains three genetically-engineered (GE) traits that have never been used in food eaten directly by people, and that have never been properly tested, Walmart still intends to quietly stock its produce shelves with this phony corn in the very near future.

Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have rejected Monsanto's Bt corn, how about Wal-Mart?

In a recent campaign alert (, Sum Of Us explains that immense consumer pressure has already resulted in commitments from Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe's, and General Mills not to use the new GM corn in any of their products. But as of the announcement, Walmart has made no such commitment, presumably because of the company's close-knit relationship with Monsanto, a "match made in hell" that Food & Water Watch has humorously dubbed "Walsanto" (

But there is still time to stop Walmart's stocking of Monsanto's latest GM poison which, if successful, has the potential to completely destroy the viability of the entire crop. If Walmart rejects the GM corn, many others will likely follow, which will result in farmers refusing to plant it.

It is a simple supply and demand situation, but one that is complicated by the fact that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) refuses to mandate that any GMOs be labeled, which means millions of people consume them all the time without knowing it. This is why YOUR help is needed to spread the truth about both GM sweet corn and GMOs in general to your friends, family members, neighbors, and coworkers.
You can also sign this petition by April 1, 2012, asking Walmart not to stock Monsanto’s GM sweet corn:

February 15, 2012

Do Your Representatives In Congress Support GMO / GE Food Labeling?

Do Your Representatives In Congress Support GMO / GE Food Labeling?

Call your members of Congress and ask them to sign the bipartisan letter being circulated by Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman Peter DeFazio that urges the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to require the labeling of genetically engineered (GE) food. The letter supports the legal petition filed in October on behalf of more than 450 organizations and businesses to require mandatory labeling. More than 600,000 public comments have already been submitted in support of this petition. Provide your comments now at Just Label It.

CALL TODAY: Contact your members of Congress by calling the US Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121 or go to

THE MESSAGE: “Please sign onto the bipartisan “Dear Colleague” letter to FDA being circulated by Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman Peter DeFazio to require GE labeling.”

BACKGROUND: In October 2011 a formal legal petition (Docket # FDA-2011-P-0723-0001/CP) was filed with the FDA on behalf of more than 450 organizations and businesses to require the labeling of GE foods. The petition demands that FDA: (1) Issue new regulations requiring labeling of all foods produced using genetic engineering; and (2) issue a new policy redefining a “material” fact as a change in food at the atomic, molecular, or genetic level that a significant share of consumers would find relevant to their purchasing decisions.

93% of Americans want the FDA to label genetically engineered foods. Watch the new video from Food, Inc. Filmmaker Robert Kenner to hear why we have the right to know what’s in our food. Will you join these individuals — and over half a million Americans — in contacting the FDA to require the labeling of genetically engineered (GE) foods?

More than 80% of processed foods at U.S. grocery stores are likely to contain genetically engineered ingredients,and you wouldn't know it, because the FDA doesn't require labels for foods with genetically engineered (GE) ingredients ‒ also called genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The largest producer of GMO, Genetically Modified Organism's is Monsanto, learn more about the corruption and evils committed by this monster at Exposing Monsanto