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February 13, 2013

SpongeBob SquarePants Conspiracy Theory

SpongeBob SqaurePants and Friends Are The Byproduct of Nuclear Testing

SpongeBob SquarePants
For quite some time I have been compelled to write a blog post on some of the oddest things found in this blogs statistics for search queries that have landed visitors to any of my posts, and there's certainly no shortage of strange search terms that land people here, but today I'm compelled to write about the SpongeBob SquarePants conspiracy theory.

Checking out today's statistics, a visitor landed on my blog from Google, looking up "SpongeBob Conspiracy Theory."   I found this not only peculiar, but intriguing, so began my own searches to find out more.

According to Reddit user Capmaster, responding in a Reddit post, states;
"The existence of SpongeBob and his strange friends is the result of radiation from nuclear arms testing that was performed on the Bikini Atoll in the late 40's and early 50's. Since they live under the atoll, the town is known as 'Bikini Bottom'."

The SpongeBob Squarepants Wiki confirms that SpongeBob SquarePants indeed is set at the bottom of Bikini Atoll. 
 "Bikini Atoll is the marker of where Bikini Bottom is located. It has been seen as just a small island with three Coconut Palm Trees. It is seen at the beginning of almost every episode. The only known locals are the two seagulls that attacked SpongeBob and his friends in Pressure. In many episodes that involved breaking the surface, or flying out of the water, the island is shown in the background. When SpongeBob and the gang break the surface, they become puppets on sticks, or live action characters (SpongeBob turns into a real kitchen sponge, Patrick into a dried starfish, Sandy a squirrel puppet with a helmet, and so on). It also appears in a scene in the SpongeBob Theme Song. In the 1940s and 1950s, it had been a place for nuclear bomb tests.    Execpt for the occasional segull, it is uninhabited."
In the aforementioned Reddit post, user theretheresweetthing adds that the SpongeBob characters represent the seven deadly sins;
Squidward: Wrath
Mr. Crabs: Greed
Plankton: Envy
Sandy: Pride
Patrick: Sloth
SpongeBob: Lust
Gary: Gluttony

There's other SpongeBob SquarePants conspiracy theories out there too, such as that SpongeBob & friends are all on drugs according to SmokeOwT on Stoner Forums;
I have determined that SpongeBob SquarePants is all about drugs. If you can't see it (it's so obvious), here's some evidence.

SpongeBob SquarePants is on meth amphetamine. It's blatant. He's always really, really happy, energetic and, occasionally, paranoid. If he ever is in a bad mood, it's the result of a major crash. He never just gets mellow then sad. He goes from really happy to really sad or really angry. There's no middle ground.

Patrick Star is a stoner. He laughs at stupid things and eatsall the time. He's also really stupid. The THC is probably permanently in his system from his smoking so much. He must go through like a pound of weed a week.

Squidward Tentacle is on heroin. He's always down and he yells at SpongeBob for being hyped up and energetic. Also, with all of his arms, he'd have no problem shooting up.

Mr. Krabs is on coke. He's really uppity and notice how he's always concerned about money. Coke is expensive. He has to manage his finances carefully if he wants to sustain his habit. He's also their dealer. Notice how there are few people in The Krusty Krab. How does Mr. Krabs keep his business afloat? The Krusty Krab is just a front and a little extra money for Mr. Krabs to cover his drug operation.

Sandy Cheeks is just an alcoholic. She ruins every episode she's in 'cause she's always drinking. I wouldn't be surprised if she curls up with a bottle of Jack every now and again.
 So, there you have it, SpongeBob SquarePants conspiracy theories, LOL.  What are your thoughts? Comment below;

January 25, 2013

Fregoli Delusion & Truman Syndrome Behind the Sandy Hook Actors Conspiracy Theory

The idea that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a staged false flag portrayed by actors is not only insane, but conjured out of the imagination of Edward L Chiarini Jr. who possibly suffers Fregoli Delusion and Truman Syndrome among other psychiatric issues, and effectively has poisoned the well.

Searching via Google, and particularly YouTube, you'll find numerous blog posts, articles and videos claiming that the Sandy Hook Massacre was a hoax, namely a faked event known as a false flag attack, all portrayed by actors, known as "crisis actors".

Most notably of those making such claims is FAU professor James Tracy, however, the idea did not originate from him, nor has he credited the true original source for this "conspiracy theory", Edward L Chiarini Jr, also known as DallasGoldbug.

Meet Edward L Chiarini Jr, a man with what appears to be a very impressive occupational background and resume according to his own stated bio which is posted all over the web, that includes former employment with the US Air Force, Halliburton, Exxon, Disney, etc to name just a few.   Edward holds patent and trademark to alternative and green energy devices he invented, and as evident from his blog Energy System Info, he is extremely intelligent in regards to hydrogen power, alternative fuels and green energy, but somewhere along the way, he turned into a conspiracy theorist making some wildly insane and libelous claims that the events of December 14th, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT, where 20 children and six adults were gunned down, were all fake, and portrayed by actors.

Not too long ago, I wrote here on this blog, a post debunking the conspiracy theory that Sandy Hook victim Emillie Parker was alive, and posed with President Barack Obama, and then uploaded a video calling out the morons that perpetuated this sick and twisted garbage and stated that my follow up was to debunk the conspiratard's claims that Sandy Hook was a hoax put on by actors.

In my research to expose these conspiracy theory morons spreading false information, I validated as fact, with 100% certainty and evidence to support, that Robbie Parker, Nick & Laura Phelps, & Gene Rosen are all REAL PEOPLE and are NOT actors.   I have all the evidence to support this, however, will not release the results of my investigation, which was by far more involved than these average keyboard detective conspiracy theorist morons have ever done.  I decided that in the best interests of the victim's families, and their right of privacy and to respect them in their time of grief, that I shall not state nor publish any information obtained, which is all a matter of public record and can be verified and obtained by others capable of investigative inquiry and internet search, not that it is even necessary, because anyone who believes that they're actors is simply a MORON in my opinion.

One such claim made by these conspiracy theory morons is that Nick & Laura Phelps are actors really named Jennifer Sexton & Richard Greenberg.  In my search for information to refute this insane wackjob's claims, I discovered the origin of this conspiracy theory, Edward L Chiarini Jr and his website Well Aware 1.

Reviewing Edward's material, and his lengthy and extensive online footprint, it was discovered that this is not the first time Edward has done this.  Not only does Edward believe that the Sandy Hook shooting was faked by actors, but also believes the same to be the case in the Tucson, Arizona shooting of Congresswoman Gabby Giffords, the Norway shooting massacre, the Nebraska mall shooting, and the Aurora Colorado theater shooting.    In many of his claims, the Greenberg family are claimed to be actors involved in all of these conspiracy theories, and it doesn't end there.. it goes deep, and is beyond absurd.

Wanting to prove to the momentous amount of internet idiots that the Phelps of Newtown are NOT the Greenberg's of Florida, I looked into public record and information on Jennifer Sexton Greenberg, and Richard Greenberg and have ascertained for fact that they are real people too, who are NOT the Phelps, nor any other person who these conspiracy theory idiots claim them to be, because each of those people also have distinctive, easily verifiable identities on public record.   We're talking about verification of things such as birth certificates, marriage licenses, property deeds, property tax assessments, occupational licenses, wedding announcements and more...  

In my various online travels researching this matter, I learned via Huffington Post article that Gene Rosen of Newtown, CT. is being harassed and threatened by conspiracy theorists, which fits the modus operandi of Edward Chiarina Jr, as evident in this news article by the New York Times reporting that Tucson, Arizona shooting victims, witnesses, etc were being harassed by persons bearing identification with Edward's website url WellAware1, etc.and even name Edward L Chiarini in the article.

 According to various posts on online forums, Edward has a criminal record that includes auto theft, real estate scams and unlicensed carry of a firearm.  The only allegation I have been able to validate is the unlicensed carry of a firearm, in Dallas TX, 01-28-2011 however, this was only an arrest and no conviction data has been found as of this writing.

Edward Chiarini is known on various online forums via his moniker dallasgoldbug, and appears to have made several enemies over the years due to his outlandish and libelous claims and accusations, most notably against various online alternative media personalities such as Alex Jones, Mark Dice, Mike Adams, Michael Vara and Jeff Rense to name just a few.  Speaking of Alex Jones, Chiarini claims Jone's is really actor Beau Bridges.

It is ironic that the very people he spent years trolling and trying to discredit have bought his bogus claims, hook, line and sinker... They took the bait, the poison pill that poisoned the well and have run amok with this insane Sandy Hook hoax by actors conspiracy theory, throwing away any and all credibility they may of had prior to this, out the damn window, perhaps giving Edward the last laugh, in what appears to some as Cointelpro Psyop.      Edward uses numerous sock puppet accounts and several monikers on virtually every social media and online source, making it easy to not only spread word, but obfuscate and confuse.

In one of his YouTube videos, he displays a Golden Mean Gauge, a tool used by dentists, etc for measuring aesthetic proportion, etc.  In this video, he explains that he uses this to match faces, however, the Golden Mean Gauge is not a measurement device used in any scientific or forensics application, nor does it provide anything conclusive.   Looking at him in his videos, his mannerism, his speech, his eyes, he does not appear of sound mind at all to me.

As if this wasn't enough to convince you that this man is clearly nuts, consider the following;

He also claims that the Greenberg family are really Nazi war criminals masquerading as Jews. He also claims this family controls the government, right alongside the Rockefeller family.   Greenberg is the partly Americanized form of German and Ashkenazic Jewish Gr├╝nberg (see Grunberg).   Many of Chiarini's conspiracy theories also involve "evil jews"....

Speaking of Rockefellers, he also believes that John D. Rockefeller Jr. and Calvin Coolidge were the same man.

He also claims Tina Fey is Sarah Palin, not just portrayed by her, and that Jennifer Sexton Greenberg is Tina Fey... (insert double take here).... WTF?

He claims that Dallas Cowboy's quarterback Troy Aikman is LAPD Mark Fuhrman of the OJ Simpson murder case.

He claims Pope John Paul II  is really Dallas Green who is actually Michael Greenberg, but then says the Pope is really Tom Landry.. He can't make up his mind.

Says Adam Walsh, son of America's Most Wanted host John Walsh is alive and is really radio host
Michael Vara.

He even thinks Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, popularly referred to as the "Underwear Bomber" was an actor, but also the witness, Kurt Haskell is accused of being an actor too.  Kurt Haskell has filed a lawsuit against Chiarini.

He claims that Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson is actor David Wilcock.

He claims that the numerous OWS pepper spraying incidents never happened, that it's all fake.  He also believes that political prisoner an whistle blower Bradly Manning is fake, that he does not exist.

Other people he believes are actors are Sheriff Arpaio, Occupy Wall Street protestors, Aaron Schwartz, Julian Assange to name just a few.. There's literally hundreds... EVERYBODY is an actor according to him.

 The list goes ON AND ON..... The man is certifiably, INSANE.... any anyone who thinks the events of December 14th 2012 at Sandy Hook were faked by actors, has been FOOLED by an insane genius.

What causes a man, who appears to have a promising and bright future in alternative energy, to turn into an insane conspiracy theorist?    The answer to this question may be a combination of Fregoli Delusion, Truman Syndrome or some derivative of Truman Show Complex and other mental illness, because clearly, this man went from near genius to complete nutcase and considering the alleged harassment mentioned, along with the weapons charge, etc it's possible that he's armed and dangerous.   

No fool is bigger than the fool fooled by fools.

January 13, 2013

Christopher Rodia Was NOT Involved in Sandy Hook Shooting!

Breaking Down More Insane Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theories

Christopher Rodia was NOT involved in any way with the Sandy Hook shootings and is INNOCENT
The major problem with so many conspiracy theorists is that they disregard FACTS, but also have a severe deficit in comprehension of basic language and terminology.  They also appear to lack knowledge in standard operating procedures of law enforcement.

During the investigation and recording of evidence on scene, an officer called into dispatch the license plate of the vehicle Adam Lanza drove to Sandy Hook that day, Connecticut plate number 872-YEO.  Approximately 15 seconds later, the name Christopher Rodia is heard and then the conspiracy theorists went crazy in their false implications of this innocent man as a suspect, even going so far as accusing him of being a second shooter.

In recorded police audio, Connecticut license plate number 722-ZHA is called in, then shortley thereafter the 872-YEO plate is called in, the officer says "Connecticut 872 Y Yankee, E Echo, O Oscar, 872 YEO possible suspect vehicle",   During this time, in another location, Greenwich to be specific, Christopher Rodia was pulled over by police in a traffic stop. and then approximately 12 seconds after the 872-YEO plate is called in, audio is heard in a different voice saying "run the eh… operator, he’s a Florida license Connecticut as well, first name is Rodia, R-O-D-I-A, Christopher A. Date of birth is, eh…August 6th ’69"

Car Adam Lanza used to commit mass murder at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut

 It is THIS that the various nutjobs are using as evidence of a so called cover up and/or conspiracy theory and false implications against Christopher Rodia, simply because they are MORONS.

One, Connecticut plate number 722-ZHA belongs to Lillian Rhodia and it was called in not even a moment prior to the Lanza car... and that said vehicle is a green Nissan, NOT a black Honda.

Two, "run the operator.." is a CLEAR INDICATION that Rodia was in fact pulled over, and IN A VEHICLE, and being CHECKED by police, AS AN OPERATOR of a VEHICLE, presumably to verify the validity of his drivers license and to ascertain if there are any wants on potential outstanding warrants, etc.

Three, Greenwich Detective Vincent O'Banner even CONFIRMS that Rodia indeed was in fact pulled over at this time.   It is O'Banner's voice that is heard over the scanner calling in Rodia's name, yet the conspiratards reject this and accuse it as being part of some conspiracy and cover up.

If one is familiar with standard operating procedures of law enforcement, then you know that an OPERATOR is not called in for verification for any vehicle for which no operator is present, nor for any vehicle NOT IN OPERATION.

January 10, 2013

Debunking The Emillie Parker With Obama Photo Conspiracy Theory

 This Sandy Hook Conspiracy Theory is INSANE

What happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School is tragic, there's no doubt whatsoever about that.  I find it extremely disturbing that there are far too many MORONS on the internet who are perpetuating far too many off the wall and outlandish, wild conspiracy theories regarding the horrific events that unfolded on December 14th, 2012.

What's even sadder about these INSANE conspiracy theories is the fact that more IDIOTS buy into it, because not only are they STUPID, but because they're too GODDAMN LAZY to do their own research to verify and ascertain the validity of what they're being told by some uncredible NUT JOB.  What's even more troublesome with this all is that these IDIOTS share these conspiracy theories on their social media, blogs and elsewhere, making even more DUMBASSES believe this NONSENSE, and then they too make their own videos and blog posts, etc, and next thing you know, we have a gaggle of MORONS, DEGENERATES AND IDIOTS on the internet perpetuating a wild and insane conspiracy theory.

Certainly there's MANY unanswered questions about many things from the Sandy Hook shooting and while there's nothing wrong with doubting the accuracy of mainstream media reporting and having questions because far too much does not make sense or add up, it's another thing entirely to make up extremely outlandish false claims.

One particular conspiracy theory put out all over the web is the claim that Sandy Hook victim Emillie Parker appears in a post shooting photograph with President Barack Obama at the Whitehouse, and even wearing the same red dress she wore in a family photo taken prior to the shooting that was  provided to the media by the Parker family.  

Well, I am compelled to PROVE once and for all, that their claims are FALSE, and show the world just how DAMN STUPID these conspiratards are.

The girl in the Obama photo they claim is Emillie Parker and wearing the same red dress as in the other photo is her SISTER, Madeline Parker who is wearing her deceased sister's dress, or perhaps she even had the same dress, which is a common thing among sisters.  With her in the photo is her other sister, Samantha Parker.

When you confront these IDIOTS about this fact, they go on with things such as .."but they have the same face.. they're identical" and so on...  as if sisters never look alike... GIMME A BREAK!

To prove once and for all what MORONS these STUPID PEOPLE are, I put together these photographs to SHOW them HOW STUPID THEY ARE, because if you look at the photo of the Parker sisters in the Parker Family Christmas card, which was photographed before the shooting, you will see, for FACT, that Emilliie and Madeline DO look alike, and even in this photo, are wearing similar clothing, so, the fact one is wearing the same dress in another photo is not too far fetched.  I labeled everything in order to make it easier for the dumbasses to comprehend.  Clicking the image will show you the full size hi res photo.

If you come across MORONS perpetuating this conspiracy theory, refer them to this post to show them just how STUPID they are.

I'm currently debunking another CRAZY conspiracy theory where the IDIOTS claim that the whole thing was a hoax put on by actors, so, stay tuned.....

January 4, 2012

US Government Issued Proof of the New World Order Conspiracy

US Government Issued Proof of the New World Order Conspiracy

War Department Education Manual EM 216
    Often, it seems, whenever attempting to educate someone on the "New World Order Conspiracy", or more accurately, the United States goal of global governance under a one world government, they automatically assume it to be nonsense and indeed a conspiracy theory.  However, theory it is not, but indeed a conspiracy in fact and reality.   There is overwhelming evidence available to confirm the US plan for global government, and this blog post is to show you just one of them, using a publication, printed by the United States government itself.

The publication is titled American Government Course Three: Part 1, Government Finance and Foreign Policy; Part 2, Rights and Duties of the Citizen (A Self-Teaching Course, Based on " Government in Action", War Department Education Manual EM 216) and was printed by the US War Department in 1944 for the US Armed Forces institute.  At the time of this posting, I only have been able to locate photos of the cover and two of the interior pages, however, the pages I have available do expose some very controversial evidence that proves that the "New World Order" conspiracy is indeed real.

On one of these pages, it discusses establishment of a world union and that the League of Nations did not go far enough as an international authority because it did not take powers away from national governments.  It goes on further to discuss the establishment of The United States of Europe, and, well, remember, this was published in 1944, and here we are today with a European Union.

The next page is an illustration which shows the goals of Federal World Government, some of which are no tarrif walls, no international borders, a universal international currency, a world court and enforcement by an international world army.   Of those just stated, we do have a world court, and via the United Nations, we have what is referred to as coalition forces, so, one could argue that we are near to having a world army, and considering the pending collapse of the Euro and the world's economic climate, it is safe to assume that a universal one world currency is in the works, as is speculated by many.

United States of Europe
Federal World Government