Dot Com Advertising Disclosure

Dot Com Advertising Disclosure
Advertisements appear on this blog. Asshole Blogger engages in affiliate marketing for various advertising compensation programs. Asshole Blogger receives a percentage of the purchase price on anything you buy through any of the affiliate program(s) links contained throughout the website, including purchases you make while on the affiliate program's website that I did not link directly to if you clicked any of my affiliate program links.

The Federal Trade Commission demands that I disclose this because they think you're stupid and they are violating the First Amendment of the US Constitution with their regulation and control of what bloggers can and can not publish.

I also get compensation from other advertisements placed within this blog.

Any product recommendations I make and/or reviews written are based on my own personal use and experience for which no compensation is provided other than what has already been stated here in this disclosure statement. Claims made within each recommendation and/or review are my own opinion.