June 13, 2013

Everyone Loves Cats... So Here's Some Pictures of Our New Kitten

Everyone Posts Stupid Cat Pictures, So Too Shall I

Our new kitten MollyAs I was sitting here pondering on what to write about today since it's been awhile, I decided, "yeah.. I can post pictures of my cat", because hey, everybody, it seems, loves cat pictures.. so, why the hell not, lol.

Our new kitten MollyMy youngest daughter has been consistently asking for a kitten for the last couple of months since we moved into our new home, and well, I finally caved in and got her a kitten, however, I feel as if I may soon regret it as the kitten is already doing what kittens do best, and that is being a nuisance and a real pain in the ass.

Our new kitten Molly
Sure they may be really super cute and all, but the best part is the laughs from watching them play, because the antics certainly cause me to believe that cats are really stupid, and one never knows just when your cat will do something really stupid that causes you to erupt in laughter.
Our new kitten Molly
My daughter and I debated for a short time on what to name her, and while I thought about names such as Minka, Yin Yang, Suki, or Kunimitsu, my daughter disagreed and pondered more traditional and common cat names that children choose, like Princess, Cutie Pie and so on, until finally she settled on Molly.

God help Molly the day she decides to destroy any of my plants.. it seems that I'm
going to be getting alot of use out of my spray bottle, and already the kitten has gotten several squirts.


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