May 20, 2013

Have You Ever Tried or Used Crystal Soil?

Crystal Soil
Crystal Soil
  Shortly after writing my post on Tillandsia Air Plants, I got a few house plants, and have plans to get many more, most of them unusual or rare.

In my eBay searches looking up various rare plants, I came across something called Crystal Soil, which I've never heard of before.   This Crystal Soil looks like colored glass marbles, yet is not made of glass, but a form of gel crystal that you soak in water and then use instead of soil.

I find this Crystal Soil appealing as a decorative item for use in clear plant containers and want to try it, perhaps with a Lucky Bamboo, however, I'm hesitant about using it on any plant that relies on and needs real soil because I don't want to kill a plant, even though several sites selling Crystal Soil claim it to be safe, non toxic and claim that it contains nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium and other nutrients plants need.

Have you ever used crystal soil?  What was your experience, and what kind of plant did you put in it? How did the plant handle it?  Personally, my thoughts are that it's fine for Lucky Bamboo, or cut flowers, etc as a purely decorative item, but wanted to see what others say about this odd little product and it's use and function with houseplants, or even indoor grown herbs, etc..

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