November 24, 2012

Paracord Christmas Ornaments

Christmas Ornaments Made With Parachute Cord

Shortly after publishing my post on how to make paracord people I began getting visitors looking for paracord Christmas ornaments because I mentioned that the paracord people would make some cool paracord Christmas ornaments.

Naturally, because I love dragonfly, I also began making paracord dragonfly and after completing a few of them, I thought perhaps if I added a paracord inner stand in between the center of the paracord dragonfly's eyes, I could add a small lanyard hook, or Christmas tree ornament hook, and use the paracord dragonfly as a tree ornament as well.

Due to the fact that several people arrived here on my blog searching for paracord Christmas decorations, I decided to see what I could create in addition to the aforementioned, and so here I am just after completing my original paracord Christmas ornaments, ready to show off my work.    I am very pleased with my self, because while there's many people who make paracord bracelets, and several other things out of paracord, it seems that I am the first to create paracord Christmas ornaments.

Unfortunately, it won't be long before word spreads and others begin copying my ideas for the two Christmas ornaments made out of paracord that I created and designed using the cobra knot pattern.

Paracord Christmas Ornaments
Paracord Christmas Ornament with jingle bell,  paracord dragonfly and one of the several paracord people I made.

My original paracord Christmas ornament that I designed and created, with jingle bells, wooden beads & small silver beads, to resemble a small wreath. Paracord Christmas ornament copyright protected original design and work, may not be reproduced, modified or based on for commercial purposes without license.
Paracord Christmas Ornaments
Original Christmas ornaments made with paracord


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