October 26, 2012

Natural Herbs That Help Produce Estrogen

Natural Herbs That Help Produce Estrogen

Due to the fact that I took a serious interest in emergency survival preparedness, I have spent a great deal of time over the years learning about wild edible plants, many of which also serve for medicinal purposes and natural healing etc. Recently however, my interest in wild edible plants and medicinal herbs has increased.

One day this past summer I took a walk along a wooded trail by the river with a very close friend of mine to dig up some Burdock Root, which he taught me about as a natural wild food. After sharing a prepared Burdock root meal with my friend, I researched more about Burdock and its medicinal properties, as well as that of various other plants we harvested. I have researched quite a bit on Burdock Root and have discovered that Burdock Root contain plant estrogens, which act like the estrogen hormone in the human body.. Alternatives to HRT are herbs that contain plant estrogens. In addition to Burdock root, others include red clover, seaweed, dandelion root, fenugreek, nettle, hops, flaxseeds, black cohosh, St. John's wort, lemon balm and sage. Herbs may interact in a negative way with medications, so discuss their use with your doctor beforehand.

I myself have been manipulating my own hormone levels through herbs and diet, and it does work. I have developed small breasts, my skin is smoother, my body hair decreased and I am starting to show a larger hip. I had already been into herbal and diet based HRT alternatives when I wrote Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy for Transsexuals , so, I wish to expand in this area.
As for the Burdock Root for the estrogen benefits, it can be consumed via drinking it as a tea, or by eating the cooked roots.

As for getting Burdock Root, you can either harvest it from the wild as I do, or you can buy it online either in its organic root form, or as a supplement pill, powder, tea, etc.


  1. I would like to take some kind of supplement to help me appear more feminine. Besides the Burdock root you mention are there other items I can take? Oh, & is burdock available as pill?

    1. See & yes it does come in pill form