May 20, 2012

Brazilian Cigarettes Warning Labels

Brazilian Cigarettes Warning Labels

I wonder if these warning labels found on cigarette packages in Brazil are effective in motivating people to quit smoking?   My daughter had a dentist appointment a couple days ago and in the waiting room on his wall is a display case of cigarette packages he brought back from a visit to his home country of Brazil.  I decided to take a photo of them so I could share it with others.

 As a smoker who has tried multiple times to quit smoking without success, I find these graphic warning images quite horrific and scary, causing me to want to quit more than ever, more so because my child asked me about these cigarette packages and after I told her that smoking makes people sick and causes death, she become quite alarmed and said "Daddy, I don't want you to die, please quit smoking".   That was very painful for me to think about, how terrible it would be for my child to lose me to cancer or some other smoking related illness.

Quitting smoking is very hard for me, and I am scared of death, so, I HAVE TO QUIT.   Also, considering my economic plight,  it is outright damn stupid for me to even consider ever buying a pack of cigarettes.  When I try to quit, I become agitated and irritable, but I'm gonna have to go cold turkey and fight it, because if I don't, I will die and my child will suffer.  I HATE smoking, and as much as I want to stop, it has proven to be so damn difficult, so, hopefully seeing these images has scared me enough to force me to come to my senses and fight the urge to light up.  Maybe I should print up a warning label of my own and tape it to my cigarette package as a reminder.

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