March 29, 2012

The Hypocrisy of Rick Santorum's Pink Bowling Ball Remark

The Hypocrisy of Rick Santorum's Pink Bowling Ball Remark

During a campaign stop with a group of young Republicans, Rick Santorum played a round of bowling . As one of the boys reached for a pink bowling ball, frothy Rick Santorum scoffed at him.“You’re not gonna use the pink ball,” Rick Santorum said. “We’re not gonna let you do that. Not on camera.”

  Ironic considering the fact that Rick Santorum wears pink on a regular basis, ironic considering his extremist views on homosexuality, which in my opinion is possibly nothing more than Rick's little man syndrome to cover up his probable denial and repression of his own latent homosexuality.  I mean, seriously, just look at him in this screencap taking from Cspan.showing Rick Santorum in a lilac purple suit jacket with a hot pink tie.  Forthy Rick Santorum, in my opinion, is most definitely a homosexual.

Also, Rick Santorum has a fetish for sweater vests, a fashion accessory must have of many gay men.  Matter of factly, ONLY GAY MEN wear sweater vests. It's like the calling card of gayness.   Nonetheless, there's several photos of Rick Santorum wearing pink, therefore, Rick Santorum is a fucking hypocrite when it comes to making snide comments to boys who want to use pink bowling balls.

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